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Five Reasons You Should Attend PLTW Core Training

Five Reasons You Should Attend PLTW Core Training

Despite the “new normal” we are all experiencing from the COVID-19 pandemic, PLTW is committed to continuing to deliver on our promise to students and teachers! For the first time ever, we are offering the same best-in-class professional development expected from PLTW Core Training featuring an engaging and interactive online experience.

So why should YOU register for PLTW Core Training? Check out our top five reasons to experience PLTW Core Training this summer.

1 – It’s flexible!

We have designed learning experiences with two options – an original schedule and a flexible schedule – for most of the courses to fit teachers’ scheduling needs. PLTW Core Training incorporates best-in-class online facilitation practices to ensure the high-quality delivery of course content. It features a dynamic mix of live sessions facilitated by expert Master Teachers as well as interactive and collaborative opportunities to work with fellow participants.

I think it will be more convenient. Now there are so many good technological resources to let people meet virtually that the off-site training will still be successful." PLTW Biomedical Science Teacher

2 – It gives you access to a powerful network of teachers across the nation.

During PLTW Core Training, you can connect with teachers across the nation in an energetic and interactive space. You will also have multiple opportunities to connect, collaborate, and network with Master Teachers throughout the experience to gain confidence in your newly acquired skills. You will cultivate a lasting professional learning community through online training experiences, as well as the ability to build a collaborative workspace.

“I took [Introduction to Engineering Design] online last year, and your Master Teachers were fantastic.” – PLTW Engineering Teacher

3 – You’ll benefit from unparalleled support before, during, and after PLTW Core Training.

Supportive and expert Master Teachers will be there for you throughout your PLTW Core Training Journey, and you will come away from the experience with a robust reference resource catalog to reinforce equipment usage and lab implementations in classrooms. PLTW Core Training registration also includes optional post-training webinars to reinforce learned skills and explore course-specific equipment, materials, and supplies.

PLTW is amazing, so I have no reason to believe the on-line version would be anything but amazing!" PLTW Gateway Teacher

4 – You can do it from the comfort of your own home.

You can experience PLTW Core Training without investing in travel or housing. This is a great opportunity for schools and districts to deepen your bench – if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to train more teachers in what you already offer, this is the time!

“Two weeks away from home is a lot. While I know I will need to work during the day, being at home in the evenings with my kids will be nice.” – PLTW Engineering Teacher

5 – Keep up the momentum you have already built.

We know you had a plan to allow your school/district to increase availability of program access for students. There is no need to stop that momentum. Whether you are adding a full PLTW high school program, adding another course to a pathway, or implementing your first PLTW Launch module, this is the time to empower your teachers with the skills to lead hands-on student learning in the fall. Participating teachers will leave the experience confident in their understanding of course content and have the skillset needed for successful PLTW course implementation in an onsite or online learning setting.

“I would hate to miss the opportunity to learn this material. I’ve been talking to my students about adding [Automation and] Robotics next year already, and they are so excited!” – PLTW Gateway Teacher

For more information, including how to register, visit the PLTW Core Training page.