PLTW Core Training Empowers Educators to Infuse a New Way of Teaching Into the Classroom

Pltw Biomedical Science Core Training 072015

Our teacher training provides educators with the tools they need to engage, inspire, and empower students.

Our professional development is designed to immerse teachers in the PLTW approach and empower them to bring the curriculum to life in their classrooms. After a teacher completes online Readiness training, they take part in an in-depth onsite or online experience. Whether it’s our three-day PLTW Launch Lead Teacher training, our two-week high school training, or our job-embedded online offering, we’re preparing teachers with the skills and tools they need to inspire students. PLTW professional development sparks a renewed enthusiasm for teaching and provides a network of colleagues willing to help any time.

If you're unable to attend Core Training, we recommend learning more about our Professional Development Plans.

Core Training Schedule

Core Training registration officially opens April 3. At this time, you’ll have access to the complete list of Core Training offerings across the U.S. and be able to secure your spot in the training of your choice.

In advance, we’re sharing an initial schedule of Core Training offerings available this summer and fall so that you can begin to identify options that may work for you. There will be modifications and additions to this schedule between now and when Core Training registration opens on April 3.