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Dynamic and Meaningful Professional Development Experiences for Teachers Across the U.S.

PLTW Core Training incorporates authentic, meaningful, and best-in-class online facilitation practices that ensure the quality delivery of course content. All participants interact and learn together in an environment that offers expanded resources, exciting networking opportunities, and the engaging high-quality learning experience that teachers expect from PLTW.

Expertly trained Master Teachers facilitate and deliver the online learning experience through a dynamic mix of live sessions, as well as interactive and collaborative cohort-based opportunities that help build lasting professional learning communities. Completing PLTW Core Training empowers credentialed teachers to provide meaningful learning experiences for their students that reinforce the in-demand, transportable skills needed to thrive in life beyond the classroom. Learn more about graduate credits here.

Registration for PLTW Core Training is now open! Join thousands of teachers nationwide and don’t miss the opportunity to experience our engaging and meaningful PLTW Core Training experiences. To register, log into your myPLTW account, or create one, by visiting my.pltw.org.

We accept credit cards and purchase orders (PO) as forms of payment. If your school or district is unable to generate a purchase order, please use the PLTW payment guarantee letter, which is available for download here. Please upload this letter in lieu of a purchase order.

PLTW Core Training eCatalog

Bringing Teaching to Life with High Quality Content

Not only do you learn about PLTW but you also learn about good teaching strategies to try and incorporate into your classroom.

- PLTW Core Training Participant

I think this hands-on, inter-disciplinary style of teaching is the most effective for true learning by capturing the imagination of our students and taking time for deep-level comprehension.

- PLTW Core Training Participant

Both Master Teachers were super supportive and gave us great tips and advice as to how to run this module in our classroom. They also gave us great resources we could take back to our classrooms and implement.

- PLTW Core Training Participant

The training was fast-paced, but well organized. I found it challenging in a good way. I really appreciated how the training was online; keep that!

- PLTW Core Training Participant

I felt like the program was extremely accessible, went at the perfect pace, and assignments vs. on our own exploration was balanced really well.

- PLTW Core Training Participant

Equipment and Technical Requirements

PLTW Core Training online experiences are designed with the intention that, even though participants will not have all of the equipment at home, the training and subsequent available resources will leave them confident in having the knowledge to facilitate content and properly handle all course-related equipment.

  • PLTW Core Training learning experiences have incorporated simulations and new interactive ways to experience the equipment, and its usage, through hands-on, minds-on, and experiential learning.
  • As an experience enhancement, participants registered for PLTW Core Training Fall/Winter 2021-22 receive key course specific materials and equipment shipped directly to the address provided during registration.
  • Participants will need hardware, including computer, webcam, microphone, and headphones, in addition to reliable internet.
  • Even though participants will not need course-specific equipment or supplies; they may need course-specific software. Please see required software for each course, unit, or program as listed at pltw.org/training-technical-requirements.

PLTW Training Guarantee

The PLTW Training Guarantee protects a district’s investment in PLTW programs by guaranteeing that if a teacher leaves within four years of earning a PLTW credential, PLTW will provide a grant in the amount of the training fee for the district to train a teacher in the same course, replace the credential(s), and support continued student learning.

Eligibility Details:

  • The PLTW Training Guarantee is valid for four years from the date the teacher leaving earned the credential. This means that the teacher filling the open position must receive training within four years from the date the teacher who left earned the credential. Credentials earned prior to June 1, 2017 are not eligible for the PLTW Training Guarantee
  • The district must be in good financial standing with PLTW (e.g., no invoices 60 days or more past due).
  • The teacher filling the open position must complete training for the same course in which the original teacher earned a credential.
  • All credentials earned by the departing teacher are eligible for the guarantee if they fall in the four-year timeframe and were earned after June 1, 2017.

Meet the eligibility requirements? Applying is easy through the PLTW Training Guarantee Application link.

Download the Training Guarantee Info Sheet to Learn More

PLTW District Transformation Training (DTT)

Meeting You Where You Are, With Trainings to Fit Your Schedule

PLTW District Transformation Trainings (DTTs) provide world-class professional development to larger groups of teachers and education professionals with flexible schedule options ideal for scalable department, school, and district wide implementation of PLTW programs. Learn more about the benefits of DTTs and options available by downloading our new eBrochure.

Download DTT eBrochure

How to Register for PLTW Core Training

To register for PLTW Core Training, teachers must have a myPLTW account. A myPLTW account provides access to everything schools and districts need to implement, manage, and grow their PLTW programs, including PLTW professional development opportunities.

In the process of creating an account, the teacher will request to join a school site, which their Program Coordinator or Site Coordinator will approve. Please Note: A teacher must join a site to pay for PLTW Core Training with a purchase order. Teachers can check out as a guest without joining a site, but they must pay for the event with a credit card.

To register for PLTW Core Training, follow the steps below outlining the event registration process:

  • Click Register Now below.
  • Enter user credentials and select Sign in.
  • Select Professional Development from the homepage.
  • Select Catalog at the top of the page.
  • Navigate to the desired PLTW professional development experience by scrolling through the displayed list or using the filter tool on the left side of the page.
  • When you locate the desired PLTW professional development experience, select View Track.
  • Select Start Track.
  • Review the available PLTW Core Training offerings and select Register for your preferred event.
  • Complete the registration form with all required information and select Submit Registration.
  • On the Cart page, review the information and select Proceed to Checkout. Please Note: Your seat is not held until you complete the checkout process and pay for the training event.
  • Enter all billing details and select Submit.
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PLTW Core Training Schedule

To get started on or continue your PLTW professional development journey, review the PLTW Core Training and Supplemental PD event offerings below. This schedule serves as a tool to aid in your planning as you engage in in-depth learning with PLTW. The schedule is subject to change and offerings vary by course and type of training.