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Strengthen Your Skills with Our New Professional Development Suite

We're thrilled to offer you a suite of best-in-class educator professional development to support your ongoing education and empower you to continue building student success.  

Our professional development offerings include instructional and skill- based trainings to elevate learning experiences for all PreK-12 educators, including targeted experiences for those teaching PLTW.   

Educators will: 

  • Engage in instructional and skill-based experiences designed to enhance your classroom delivery. 
  • Expand your capacity as a facilitator of learning and help create greater connections to your own course content.
  • Choose from a variety of convenient sessions to meet your busy schedule.
  • Network and build lasting relationships with fellow educators. 

For All PreK-12 Teachers

For PLTW Teachers

Any Teacher Can Teach STEM with PLTW Professional Development 

PLTW provides professional development that immerses participants in a collaborative learning environment that challenges them to look at their classrooms in a new way. 

“I thought it was facilitated very well and the trainers had a great balance of lecture, work time, and grouping people up. I felt engaged throughout the course and learned a lot in a very short time.” 
PLTW Core Training Participant
“This is by far the best professional development training I’ve ever had! The material stretched me well beyond my comfort zone and energized me to take this back to our school as an upper level advanced course.” 
PLTW Core Training Participant

IACET CEU and Graduate Credit Info

PLTW is proud to partner with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) to award IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Teachers can earn IACET CEUs when they complete PLTW Core Training, as well as select other PLTW professional development experiences. 

One CEU is equal to 10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience that has clear objectives to meet learner needs and assess outcomes. When you successfully complete PLTW Core Training, we’ll provide you with a transcript that includes the name of the course, the total number of professional development hours completed, and the total number of CEUs earned. You can view your CEUs at any time by visiting the Professional Development section of myPLTW and clicking on Transcript. 

A wide range of organizations – including several states’ departments of education and school districts – recognize IACET CEUs as the official standard for continuing education and training, which allows teachers to use IACET CEUs toward licensure or certification renewal. The IACET website has a list of agencies that accept its accreditation. Teachers must confirm with their school/district administrator, state department of education, or other relevant organization whether IACET CEUs qualify as recognized CEUs based on specific state or local requirements.  

Getting PLTW Professional Development Approved by Your District  

We encourage you to confirm with your school/district administrator that PLTW professional development qualifies for your training needs and may be included in any local training plan and count toward licensure renewal requirements. Here is a resource you might find useful as you make the case to include PLTW professional development in your local training plan:   

  • Frequently Asked Questions about PLTW professional development, including more information about IACET CEUs and accessing your transcript
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Applying for Graduate Credit 

PLTW partners with multiple postsecondary institutions that offer graduate credit for select PLTW programs and courses. View the current list of postsecondary partners that offer graduate credit here, along with specific application details, cost, and requirements. All graduate credit opportunities are created, managed, and issued by the offering institution. Please contact the offering institution directly if you have any questions about a specific opportunity. 

Customize Your Teacher Training 

  1. PLTW Core Training

    PLTW Core Training offers top-tier facilitation techniques, emphasizing the preparation of educators to deliver PLTW curriculum within an engaging, collaborative atmosphere 

  2. PLTW Professional Development Suite

    A comprehensive range of instructional and skill-based professional development opportunities tailored to enhance the learning journey for educators across PreK-12, with specialized offerings crafted specifically for those teaching PLTW.

  3. PLTW District Transformation Training

    Ideal for accommodating larger groups of educators with flexible scheduling options. Designed to scale effectively for the full implementation of PLTW programs across entire districts.