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Professional development designed to meet teachers where they are with the tools and resources needed to create a hands-on, immersive learning experience for their students.

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PLTW teacher directs students during an activity PLTW teacher directs students during an activity

Any Teacher Can Teach STEM with PLTW Professional Development

PLTW provides professional development that immerses participants in a collaborative learning environment that challenges them to look at their classrooms in a new way. Teachers take on the role of a student, engage in in-depth exploration of PLTW coursework, and gain invaluable experience to take back to their classrooms.

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Professional Development Suite

Enhance your teaching skills through professional development that energizes and deepens the learning you deliver to your students every day. These learning experiences expand your capacity as a facilitator of learning and help you create greater connections to your own course content.

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"In my mind, there was no way I could teach any grade, especially the young ones, how to code, create, and present a video game. Ever. But guess what? I did, because of them."
Christine Davenport PLTW Launch Teacher
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PLTW Core Training

PLTW Core Training incorporates authentic, meaningful, and best-in-class facilitation practices that ensure the quality delivery of course content. All participants interact and learn together in an environment that offers expanded resources, exciting networking opportunities, and the engaging high-quality learning experience that teachers expect from PLTW. 

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“I think this hands-on, inter-disciplinary style of teaching is the most effective for true learning by capturing the imagination of our students and taking time for deep-level comprehension.”
PLTW Core Training Participant
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District Transformation Training

PLTW District Transformation Trainings (DTTs) provide world-class professional development to larger groups of teachers and education professionals with flexible schedule options ideal for scalable department, school, and district wide implementation of PLTW programs. Learn more about the benefits of DTTs and options available by downloading our new eBrochure.

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Training Guarantee

Protect Your Investment with the PLTW Training Guarantee

The PLTW Training Guarantee protects a district’s investment in PLTW programs by guaranteeing that if a teacher departs the school district within four years of earning a PLTW credential, PLTW will provide a Training Guarantee in the amount of the training fee for the district to train a teacher in the same course, replace the credential(s), and support continued student learning if all criteria is met.

4 Years

The PLTW Training Guarantee is valid for four years from the date the departing teacher earned the credential. This means that the new teacher filling the open position must receive training within four years from the date the departing teacher earned the credential.

No Outstanding Invoices

The district must be in good financial standing with PLTW (e.g., no invoices 60 days or more past due).

Credentialed Teacher

The new teacher filling the position must complete training for the same course in which the departing teacher earned a credential. All credentials earned by the departing teacher are eligible for the PLTW Training Guarantee if they fall within the four-year timeframe. A separate application must be completed for each eligible credential.

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Contact the PLTW Solution Center at or 877.335.7589.

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Customize Your Teacher Training 

  1. PLTW Core Training

    PLTW Core Training offers top-tier facilitation techniques, emphasizing the preparation of educators to deliver PLTW curriculum within an engaging, collaborative atmosphere 

  2. PLTW Professional Development Suite

    A comprehensive range of instructional and skill-based professional development opportunities tailored to enhance the learning journey for educators across PreK-12, with specialized offerings crafted specifically for those teaching PLTW.

  3. PLTW District Transformation Training

    Ideal for accommodating larger groups of educators with flexible scheduling options. Designed to scale effectively for the full implementation of PLTW programs across entire districts.