Providing Career Awareness for PreK-12 Students and Teachers Across the U.S.

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Inspiring and Empowering PreK-12 Students and Teachers in Thousands of Schools Across the U.S.

We believe all students – beginning at a young age – need access to real-world, applied learning experiences that empower them to gain the skills they need to thrive in college, career, and beyond.

Through our programs, students develop in-demand, transportable skills – such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and communication – that they will use both in school and for the rest of their lives, on any career path they take. As PLTW students progress through grades PreK-12, they are empowered to explore career paths.

We believe teachers play an immeasurable role in empowering students every day. PLTW programs provide teachers with the support and resources they need to devote more time to inspiring students. Through PLTW professional development, teachers learn to facilitate, coach, and become comfortable in these roles as their students guide their own learning.

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PLTW Core Values

PLTW’s Core Values are the foundation of our culture. The Core Values – Togetherness, Inclusion, Learning, Customer Centricity - guide Team and individual work and interactions with each other, our partners, and our customers. The Core Values are our commitment to each other and our customers.

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PLTW DEIB Commitment

It Takes All Of Us To Lead The Way

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) is mission-critical to achieve our North Star. PLTW provides inclusive and equitable experiences that allow all students and teachers to see themselves in our products and training. In support of that priority, we are committed to a holistic approach to DEIB that focuses on two main pillars: Workforce Diversity and Curriculum Diversity.

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At PLTW, we're on a mission to create a transformative learning environment and empower students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an evolving world. Our people are most critical to our mission, and we're dedicated to building a collaborative culture of talented, enthusiastic team members who will continuously improve the extraordinary programs we deliver daily to students and educators nationwide. 

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