Our STEM Curriculum Inspires Students to see Themselves in a Whole New way.

PLTW programs intentionally align STEM curriculum to real-world challenges and make clear connections for students to understand how the skills they are learning directly connect to their future career.

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We offer competitive pricing that can be supported through various STEM Grant opportunities.

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"I think I've become more confident in my abilities, more confident in what I want to pursue, as well as being a team player, working with a group, communicating, networking. I think that's just as important as the technical part of it."
Abdallah Shishani - Texas PLTW Alumni
“PLTW has provided our students with an innovative, engaging, and challenging learning program that presents opportunities and access for all students. They consistently engage in critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving. Because of the way that PLTW has been implemented at our school, students who may not have previously been interested in STEM careers are excited about science in new ways.”
Susan Mayo - Virginia Teacher
“As we began studying the brain, many of the students jumped up and down with joy when they realized that the part of the brain that is affected by this neurological condition is the cerebellum. They were anxious to do more research and figure out the “why!”
Stephanie Gurule-Leyba - New Mexico PLTW Launch Teacher

Customized Support to Help You Develop Your Implementation Plan

Our wide range of program implementation options gives you the flexibility to implement PLTW in the way that best meets the needs and interests of your PreK-12 students, teachers, school, and community. Our team is ready to help you plan the STEM programs your students and teachers deserve.

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    Explore and select modules, units, and courses that support your STEM vision and scheduling needs

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    Identify the training format that works best for your teachers.

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    Our team will help build a personalized funding plan and 3-year investment estimate.

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Our Approach to Standards Connection is Focused on Student Outcomes and Flexibility.

Our programs are designed to empower students to thrive in an evolving world. As a part of this process, we take standards connections into account when developing and updating our curriculum.

We define connections as:

  1. Students complete a designated task(s) that demonstrates outlined knowledge and/or skills of the specific standard or objective.
  2. Our multidisciplinary programs align to a variety of standards and provide districts and schools with the flexibility to tailor programs to meet their specific state or local requirements as needed.

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PLTW kids doing experiments
“I’ve taught more mathematics, more writing, more science, more history in a computer science class than I ever could in a traditional math class, a traditional science class. American education needs to blend. We need to stop trying to isolate our courses and our disciplines, and everything needs to be interdisciplinary.… I think Project Lead The Way is well on the way of changing the paradigm of American education.”
Darwin Shorters - St. John’s High School | Charleston, South Carolina PLTW Computer Science Master Teachers
“Students in Grand Rapids Public Schools enjoy Project Lead The Way for the opportunities it affords them in class, the opportunity to be hands-on, the opportunity to be engaged, the opportunity to be inspired, not only by their teacher but by each other. They really feel empowered in the opportunity to find a solution, and when they don't find a solution, to understand that there is a solution to be found – they just have to work a little harder to get there. It really has been a positive influence on our students because it has trickled over to a number of their other classes, as well, where they're finding success based on the process they've learned through Project Lead The Way.”
Gideon Sanders - Grand Rapids Public Schools | Grand Rapids, Michigan PLTW District Administrator
“You're always looking for opportunities for (English language learners) to use higher level skill words, particularly level two words. That language you need beyond conversational English is hugely important.”
Don Isbell - Santa Ana Unified School District | Santa Ana, California CTE Director

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