Connecting Students to College- and Career-Focused Opportunities

Pltw Summit 2014

The sky is the limit: Learn about opportunities that empower your students to soar.

PLTW students have exclusive access to a variety of recognition opportunities including scholarships, preferred admission at colleges and universities, internships, industry connections, and other avenues to highlight their achievements.  

  • College/university opportunities: Colleges and universities across the U.S. recognize and reward PLTW students for their great work. These postsecondary institutions recognize PLTW students with scholarships, admissions preference, course credit, and more. We continuously audit and update this page to ensure the most up-to-date opportunities provided through the PLTW College and University Partner Network are listed below.
  • Tallo: PLTW students receive complimentary access to this online social platform, which empowers them to build out their personal STEM profile, showcase their knowledge and skills, and seek out opportunities. Learn More
  • AP + PLTW: AP + PLTW gives students the opportunity to earn a credential that showcases their readiness for college and career, and demonstrates their STEM skills and interests to colleges and employers. The program will also provide students with special access to career-oriented opportunities like internships and scholarships. Learn More 
  • Career opportunities: Across the country, leading companies are seeking out PLTW students for career-focused opportunities including mock interviews, resume evaluations, and internships.