What does your ideal STEM program look like?

Our team can help create a customized implementation plan to not only start your program, but help maintain and set your students and teachers up for success. Expand your team to include PLTW.

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PLTW launch student engaged in a hands on activity. PLTW student in labcoat with safety glasses
Two PLTW launch students engaged in a hands on activity. A PLTW student engaged in a hands on activity. A PLTW Teacher holding up a test tube
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    Together We Create Strong STEM Programs

    The strongest STEM programs typically concentrate on key shared, student-focused priorities.

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    Student Access

    Successful programs provide access to STEM courses to students at all grade levels.

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    Trained Teachers

    Successful programs have several teachers trained to teach PLTW courses.

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    Engaged Leaders

    Successful programs have engaged district and school leaders.

See How

PLTW student engaged in a hands on activity.

Flexible Implementation

PLTW is an active partner in your success, and we designed our implementation practices with flexibility in mind.

PLTW supports flexible implementation options that enable you to create the program that works best for your teachers and students. PLTW is the first organization to deliver comprehensive PreK-12 curricular pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science that are designed to engage students early, and support their learning as they develop interests, knowledge, and skills.

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Any Teacher Can Teach STEM

PLTW’s activity-, project-, and problem-based approach to teaching and learning puts teachers and students at the heart of skilling up to solve real-world problems. Our elementary students can use the design process to create and iterate on projects, our middle school students can analyze medical data to diagnose disease, and our high school students are prepared to secure and protect systems against malware attacks. 
Our students succeed because they are empowered by their PLTW teachers, and our PLTW teachers succeed because they are supported by our community of educators, and have the foundational expertise earned through PLTW Core Training.

PLTW Core Training is offered through a variety of formats, and our team can help you select which format works best for you.

Access Professional Development for Teachers

Four PLTW Launch students working together on a project A PLTW student using a computer

Support for Sustainability

PLTW offers several funding resources and grant opportunities as well as support to help you plan with a personalized funding plan and 3-year investment estimate. 

With the expertise of your new expanded team, you will work to create a plan that includes:

  • Help developing an implementation plan that meets your current and future scheduling and staffing needs.
  • Guidance identifying durable and consumable needs.
  • A customized 3-year investment estimate that supports your STEM vision and reflects your schedule, staffing, and materials needs.

Expand Your Team to Include PLTW

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