Biomedical Science Curriculum

PLTW Biomedical Science students have experience with state-of-the-art tools and techniques that are used by professionals in hospitals and labs every day.

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Career Readiness Starting in High School

By immersing students in activities like practicing suturing and constructing body structures from clay, PLTW Biomedical Science empowers students to build knowledge and skills in biomedical science, as well as in-demand, transportable skills like problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Prepare Today's Students for Tomorrow's Careers

Build students’ collaboration, teamwork, and communication skills so they can be ready to step into their future careers. Explore the links below to learn how PLTW alumni apply that knowledge in life and career – and learn about college credit opportunities through the American Council on Education here.

Our Approach to Standards Connection is Focused on Student Outcomes and Flexibility.

Our programs are designed to empower students to thrive in an evolving world. As a part of this process, we take standards connections into account when developing and updating our curriculum. Learn more about our approach to biomedical science ethics.

We define connections as: 

  • Students complete a designated task(s) that demonstrates the outlined knowledge and/or skills of the specific standard or objective.
  • Our multidisciplinary programs align to a variety of standards and provide districts and schools with the flexibility to tailor programs to meet their specific state or local requirements as needed.

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PLTW Biomedical Science Pricing

The PLTW Participation Fee is invoiced annually and does not increase with added courses or program expansion. Pricing subject to change.

Annual Participation Fee

PLTW schools participate on an annual basis, with year-long, uninterrupted access to hands-on, relevant curriculum for teachers and students.


(*High School programs can be combined and max at $5,400.)

Professional Development

PLTW Core Training immerses teachers in a hands-on, collaborative learning environment, challenges them to look at their classrooms in a new way, and empowers them to bring learning to life with PLTW.



Unlocking Real-World Skills for All Students

With PLTW Biomedical Science you can:

  • Prepare students with career readiness skills for the roles they want and the reality they will face in college and beyond.
  • Inspire deeper learning with real-world experiences using the same tools and software used by professionals in biomedical science roles.
  • Equip students to succeed by practicing skills like collaboration, teamwork, and communication in the classroom.

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