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8 Tips for Maximizing Your PLTW Core Training Experience

8 Tips for Maximizing Your PLTW Core Training Experience

PLTW’s professional development is designed to create dynamic learning experiences for educators through powerful and flexible instructional support and an ongoing professional community. Our teacher training prepares educators to lead engaging experiences in their classrooms while also providing continuous support.

PLTW Core Training immerses teachers in a hands-on, collaborative learning environment that challenges them to look at their classrooms in a new way. Teachers take on the role of a student, engage in in-depth exploration of PLTW coursework, and gain invaluable knowledge and skills that they will take back to their classrooms.

PLTW Core Training helps teachers build skills and confidence around activity-, project-, and problem-based (APB) learning; prepares educators to become facilitators and coaches; and empowers them to bring learning to life through their PLTW program.

We’re thrilled to host our newest cohort of PLTW Core Training participants this summer. We have compiled eight helpful tips to help you prepare for PLTW Core Training.

  1. Get your equipment and swag on: Prior to the start of PLTW Core Training, you’ll receive course specific equipment and materials for use during PLTW Core Training. In the same shipment, you’ll also receive some fun PLTW merchandise. You’ll receive the Welcome Kit and equipment directly at the address you provided during registration. For more PLTW goodies, you can also visit the PLTW exclusive training shop at
  2. Meet your training facilitator and cohort participants: Keep an eye out for an email from your Master Teacher, the lead facilitator for your training, for a required Orientation meeting via Zoom. During Orientation, you will meet your Master Teacher and your fellow participants. There will be a tour of the curriculum, review of the equipment needed for training, and an opportunity to ask questions.
  3. Technology check: Prior to Orientation, check your equipment to ensure it is working properly (web cam, high-speed internet, headset, etc.). This will ensure that you’ll be ready to start training with minimal interruptions.
  4. Stay ahead by completing your prerequisite courses: PLTW prerequisite training is course work participants must complete prior to the start of their training session to learn the goals, pace, and time commitment of PLTW Core Training. Complete your prerequisite courses by logging into your myPLTW account, select Professional Development, and view your Dashboard. The prerequisite courses are now available to participants for summer 2022. Remember that completing prerequisite courses is essential to prepare for orientation and the first day of training.
  5. Software matters: Make sure you download and install all necessary software for your PLTW Core Training experience. Please see required software for each course, unit, or program as listed at
  6. Create your space: Setting up your workstation in an area with minimal interruptions is key to creating a collaborative online learning experience. Checkout our blog Tips for Creating Space-Learning from Home with PLTW for fun and useful ideas to create your learning space anywhere!
  7. Learn more about your upcoming experience: Review the Welcome to PLTW Core Training section located in Courses in myPLTW (choose the dark blue PLTW Professional Development icon under Collections and then select your training). This section includes helpful information on course features, the training agenda, and learning goals, as well as the technology used in PLTW Core Training. We encourage you to watch the videos within the Welcome to PLTW Core Training section to see how you will engage with the learning systems throughout your training.
  8. Managing expectations Knowing what to expect before, during, and after PLTW Core Training enables you to prepare for the best possible teacher professional development experience. Learn important details such as pace of the learning sessions, attendance policy, software requirements and much more by reviewing the PLTW Core Training Participant Expectations document before the course start date.

Bonus tip: PLTW understands learning in an online environment may be new and different for some of our participants. We’ve developed a series of helpful blog resources with tips and best practices to set you up for success. Please take a moment to review the following:

We regularly create new blog posts featuring topics of interest. Please check the PLTW blog for additional content related to online learning experiences for both teachers and students.

Also remember that all of our PLTW Core Training participants have access to the PLTW Solution Center for live one-on-one support Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-9 p.m. ET at 877.335.7589 or

Ready to join thousands of teachers across the country as they experience best-in-class, dynamic professional development experiences this summer? Register for PLTW Core Training today!


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