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PLTW Summit Sneak Peek: PLTW Exploratorium

PLTW Summit Sneak Peek: PLTW Exploratorium

PLTW Summit 2022 offers countless opportunities to learn and connect with your peers at intentional networking events and in workshop sessions. Within those sessions, you will learn best practices from fellow educators, be able to see successes and failures from within the classroom, and start creating a plan to achieve your next professional goal. What more could you want?

A lot more!

Imagine a space where you can learn tips and tools to maximize the equipment and supplies you and your students use in the classroom. Envision a room where you can interact with the latest and greatest from PLTW classroom partners and get answers to questions on the spot from those partners, as well as Master Teachers and PLTW Team Members. Think of a space where you can learn ways to make the connection between the skills learned in your classroom, real industry jobs, and lifelong careers for your students.

Welcome to the PLTW Exploratorium!

Link Up with an Educator Expert

The best thing about PLTW Summit is the easy access you have to so many educational leaders. Not only do you get one-on-one access to PLTW’s innovative and forward thinking classroom partners, those who provide the supplies and equipment used in PLTW classrooms, but you also can tap into the brains of Master Teachers, PLTW Team Members, and your peers. This allows you to try different perspectives and approaches to answer your questions and advance your students’ learning experience. You also get access to the PLTW Exploratorium education stage where you can expect to hear the latest and greatest around PLTW’s activity-, project-, and problem-based approach to learning, as well as informational policy updates from our Government Relations Team and impact findings from our Research Team.

Get Insights into Career Connections

Students can’t be what they can’t see. PLTW Exploratorium guests can see how to help bridge the gap and prepare students to be active learners and doers’ post-high school. Want to get hands-on with this opportunity? Keep an eye out on for more information and make sure you stop by the PLTW Exploratorium when you’re at PLTW Summit 2022!

Lean In with PLTW Classroom Partners

Equipment and software are integral parts of the PLTW approach to learning. In class, students get to use the same tools that professionals use in their fields. This gives students the opportunity to get comfortable with these devices prior to heading into college or career. Venture into the PLTW Exploratorium to get a hands-on (and minds- experience with the PLTW classroom partners. Check out a sneak peek of the PLTW partners you can meet!

  • 3D Molecular Designs - 3D Molecular Designs offers hands-on and minds-on kits and models to help students understand molecular structures and engage in the compelling world of science.
  • Afinia 3D - Afinia 3D is a provider of ward-winning 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutter/engravers, and desktop robotics with Computer Integrated Manufacturing curriculum developed by Master Teachers. Afinia 3D will be offering demonstrations of its equipment in the PLTW Exploratorium. Let the Afinia 3D staff know what questions you have about 3D tech inyour classroom.
  • ANATOMY IN CLAY® - For over 30 years, the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System has provided the most effective, informative, and relevant anatomy education through the power of hands-on learning. We are passionate about advancing the study of anatomy and creating success for both students and teachers alike.
  • Autodesk - Autodesk, a leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software, provides access to professional-level software and learning tools to inspire the next generation of students and educators. Autodesk invests in this academic community by providing free access to our integrated CAD/CAM platform technologies, including Fusion 360. Moving beyond access to our software, Autodesk is committed to students and educators by offering learning content, an educator hub, and fully-funded workshops to prepare today’s academic community for tomorrow’s emerging careers.
  • BioDigital - Often referred to as “Google Maps for the Human Body,” the BioDigital Human platform is a medically accurate, virtual map of the human body composed of over 8,000 individually selectable anatomical structures, 850 3D models, and 575 simulated health conditions, and a toolkit to map and visualize data. This fully embeddable, cloud-based software is available in eight languages, on any desktop, mobile device, or in AR/VR for use within any educational or clinical workflow.
  • Carolina Biological Supply Company - Carolina Biological Supply Company is a leader in science education, providing top-quality, innovative science materials for K-16.
  • Dremel DigiLab - 3PI Tech Solutions (3PI) is the licensee of the Dremel DigiLab brand with exclusive rights to import, export, manufacture, and sell Dremel DigiLab 3D printers and 3D printer accessories. Former Dremel associates joined 3PI to bring years of 3D printer innovation, software expertise and operational excellence, along with relationships and experience working with top universities, school districts, and EDU focused organizations such as Project Lead The Way.
  • Electronix Express - Electronix Express is a distributor of electronic parts, test equipment, and tools. Serving the educational industry for over 40 years, we provide tailored solutions for classroom experiences and electronic enthusiasts.
  • EDVOTEK - EDVOTEK is the world leading manufacturer of biotechnology education equipment, experiments, and reagents. Since 2015, EDVOTEK and PLTW have partnered to develop a growing number of experiments throughout the PLTW curriculum. With offices in throughout the U.S., EDVOTEK has a national footprint and a global presence.
  • pi-top - pi-top provides educators with all the tools needed to bring computer science and engineering principles to life. By combining step-by-step, standards-based lessons with classroom tough hardware and engaging project kits, students build 21st-century, real-life skills that keep them engaged and inspired.
  • Vernier - Vernier offers a full line of award-winning interfaces, sensors, software, and lab books to help engage and excite students through hands-on scientific investigation. A team of over 100 employees, comprised of many former educators, is committed to creating world-class probeware, software, and lab equipment to utilize in classrooms and laboratories of every level to teach critical scientific concepts, encourage scientific problem-solving, and support a love of science in students and educators alike.
  • Ward’s Science - For the past 150 years Ward’s Science has provided everything needed to teach science. Company founder Henry Ward was a prolific science enthusiast who placed geology exhibits in major museums around the world. Ward’s Science produces custom kits, prepared slides, and preserved and live materials, as well as geology specimens. Over 20,000 items are available to teach science for a variety of courses and topics.

    There are so many reasons to join us this October – who are you looking forward to connecting with?

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