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Write Like An Outstanding PLTW Teacher: Prompts For Writing…

Write Like An Outstanding PLTW Teacher: Prompts For Writing…

PLTW teachers go above and beyond to serve their community, their school, and their students. Not only are PLTW teachers leading with innovative classroom design and implementing activity-, project-, and problem-based learning, they are also, in many cases, stepping outside of their comfort zone by incorporating technology and other subject areas into their day so their students have a learning experience that incorporates the skills they need to succeed in career.

Project Lead The Way recognizes Outstanding PLTW Teachers who inspire, engage, and empower their students by creating transformative learning experiences in their classrooms through PLTW programs. ​

PLTW selects qualified nominations to recognize as Outstanding PLTW Teachers. From this group of Outstanding PLTW Teachers, PLTW awards National Teacher of the Year to one nominated teacher in each of these areas: ​

  • PLTW Launch Teacher of the Year​
  • PLTW Gateway Teacher of the Year​
  • PLTW Computer Science Teacher of the Year​
  • PLTW Engineering Teacher of the Year​
  • PLTW Biomedical Science Teacher of the Year​
  • Robert and Patricia Kern PLTW Teacher of the Year​

Think you or someone you know should be recognized as an Outstanding PLTW Teacher? Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when creating your submission.

Show Off The Student Experience!

Students are our WHY. Everything that we do is to ensure that students across the country have the information and skills to thrive in the future they create for themselves. We want to hear and see how you have impacted the lives of your students, and how they have impacted the way you approach teaching. Here are a couple of questions to prepare yourself to complete your proposal:

  • How has the PLTW curriculum helped you to achieve a higher level of student engagement?
  • How have your students challenged you to think differently when approaching a challenge?
  • What is an instance where the plan didn’t go well? How did you pivot to provide the best learning experience for your students?

Keep It Accessible!

Everyone deserves to have a quality education that prepares them to tackle and transform the world. The PLTW curriculum can be implemented in many different ways and is shown to increase student’s awareness and interest in STEM careers. We want to hear how you’ve advocated for the PLTW experience in your school and communities. Here are a couple of questions to prepare yourself to complete your proposal:

  • How have you promoted PLTW opportunities within your school?
  • How have you engaged with the PLTW community of educators in-person or online?
  • How have you engaged and increased student opportunities in PLTW?

Lead Through Innovation!

You’ve put in the work not only in your classroom, but in the in-person or virtual teacher trainings you’ve attended. It is time to show off the skills you’ve learned and tell us about your innovative teaching methods, your leadership skills, and how you continue to push the boundaries of your professional development. Here are a couple of questions to prepare yourself to complete your proposal:

  • How have you used the activity-, project-, problem-based learning approach to enhance the student experience?
  • How do you encourage and celebrate your inclusive and diverse community?
  • What types of professional development have you engaged in that enhanced the learning experience for your students?

We are so excited to see your nomination and get the chance to celebrate all our Outstanding PLTW Teachers! Please note, the questions above are not a part of the submission process. They are tools to help you remember all the amazing things you’ve accomplished and get you in the spirit to begin crafting your submission.

Want to learn more about the Outstanding PLTW Teacher or National Teacher of the Year Awards? Checkout the webpage here.


PLTW provides PreK-12 schools, teachers, and students with hands-on, interdisciplinary STEM-based curriculum that uniquely prepares students for life and their future careers.

PLTW rejuvenates teachers, providing world-class experiences that keep them on the forefront of how to prepare students for the demands of tomorrow. PLTW:

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