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5 Reasons to Attend PLTW Summit 2024

5 Reasons to Attend PLTW Summit 2024

Every two years, the PLTW community comes together for an innovative event focused on our collective goal of preparing every child in every grade to be STEM successful. When you attend PLTW Summit 2024, you join a community of STEM educators, administrators, and advocates at a dynamic in-person and virtual conference created to celebrate, support, and inspire all.  

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This premier conference for STEM educators allows you to hear from dynamic keynote speakers, experience PLTW curriculum firsthand, and learn best practices to implement in your classroom. Explore the top five reasons to attend PLTW Summit 2024 and use our customizable templates (in-person event | virtual event) to help justify your attendance to your administrator or direct leader.  

1. Network with STEM educators and advocates 

We understand that a strong community is as important to educator success as great content, so we’re intentional in fostering supportive, enduring relationships among our network. That is why we have dedicated time at PLTW Summit for you to connect with other like-minded, passionate attendees, whether that be in program-specific sessions or regional meetups. 

2. Participate in a way that fits your schedule

PLTW Summit is designed with all educators in mind. No matter where you are, you can take advantage of high-quality conference sessions, vendor updates, and intentional networking opportunities. Choose to attend PLTW Summit 2024 in sunny San Diego, CA or virtually from Oct. 3-5, 2024. With your choice of live sessions, pre-recorded content, and an on-demand library of assets, PLTW Summit 2024 allows you to engage and learn in whatever way works best for you and your schedule.  

3. Connect and learn with PLTW professionals

 With PLTW, you are never alone. Come experience the power of the network when you attend PLTW Summit 2024. Our dedicated team will be onsite and online to support your success, offer implementation suggestions, strategic guidance, and assistance. Spend three days in a setting that will re-energize you to be the best educator possible for your students.  

4. Get hands-on with PLTW curriculum in the PLTW Exploratorium 

Would you like to try out some of the lessons or equipment included in the PLTW curriculum? Want to see what innovations and career connections await your students? In the PLTW Exploratorium, available for in-person and virtual attendees, you can experience the newest technology, explore PLTW curriculum, and immerse yourself in a world created just for PLTW educators.  

5. Learn skills you can take back to your classroom  

With more than 80 breakout sessions for both in-person and virtual attendees, you’ll have a wide range of quality professional development choices throughout the three-day conference. Plus, all PLTW Summit attendees receive access to a digital library with all the audio recordings and PowerPoint presentations from the event in case you need a refresher or miss a workshop session. This repository allows you to access content online whenever and wherever it works best for you! 

PLTW Summit 2024 breakout sessions will be finalized on the website in mid-March. Check out a list of the popular topics from the conference two years ago: 

  • Applying the PLTW Approach to Non-PLTW Classrooms 
  • Best Practices with Electronic Portfolios 
  • Building Industry and Community Partnerships 
  • Collaboration Across Pathways 
  • Equity of Access 
  • How to Enhance Your PLTW Curriculum 
  • How to Grow Your PLTW Programs 
  • How to Sustain Your PLTW Programs 
  • Implementing PLTW Outside of the School Day 
  • Increasing Student Access 
  • Integrating PLTW Launch through the School Day 
  • Involving Parents and Families 
  • Managing Labs and Projects 
  • PLTW for English language learners 
  • Creating College, University, Trade School, Apprenticeship, Internship, and Industry Connections 
  • Promoting and Marketing Your PLTW Program 
  • Recruiting and Onboarding Students with PLTW 
  • Social and Emotional Learning 
  • Student Learning Trends 
  • Student Recognition 
  • Teacher Personal Development 
  • Tips/Tricks for Successful Implementation 
  • Virtual Learning Best Practices 


There are so many reasons to attend PLTW Summit 2024 this October. Stay tuned to for the latest news of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and more! 

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