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PLTW Summit 2022 Kicks-off with a Celebration, an…

PLTW Summit 2022 Kicks-off with a Celebration, an…

Yesterday, we welcomed educators from across the country, in-person and online, for this three-day professional development experience. Couldn't attend this year? Live vicariously through us! Or, if you want to join in on the fun, virtual registration is still open - Register Here! This is your chance to immerse yourself in sessions, connect with Master Teachers, PLTW partners, classroom vendors, and peers to collaborate on activities, share best practices, and take time to reflect and recharge.

We said "hello" to over 1,400 PLTW Summit 2022 Guests!

We caught up with educators at the registration desk to hear why they love teaching PLTW.

  1. "Engaging" was mentioned by multiple educators.
  2. "All-encompassing" was submitted by a PLTW Gateway Teacher who said, "All of the curriculum is there for you and takes the kids from beginning to end. It's very easy to integrate and it teaches kids how to think."
  3. "Excitement" was submitted by a PLTW Launch Master Teacher who said, "My students are always excited to do it and they are really engaged with what they do."
  4. "Innovation" was submitted by a Makerspace Director.

You Also Have Powerful and Important Stories To Tell

The PLTW Summit 2022 Day 1 Opening General Session brought new and familiar faces to the stage to share their stories about PLTW’s impact on their career journey and their communities.

PLTW alumnus and Limbitless Solutions Co-Founder Albert Manero, Ph.D. shared how his PLTW experience led him through several advanced degrees, a nonprofit organization, Limbitless Solutions, and an internship program, which employs multiple PLTW alumni.

PLTW Transformative Partners NI and Ardagh Group bring transformative education to communities in need.

NI is expanding access to PLTW programs for underrepresented and underserved students in the Austin, Texas area through a four-year grant program totaling $400,000. This investment will bring PLTW to 40 additional schools impacting thousands of PreK-12 students and their teachers.

John Sadlier, Ardagh Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer announced the sponsorship of education programs that will benefit more than 500,000 PreK-12 students, as well as deliver best-in-class teacher training to more than 5,000 teachers across 2,000 schools in Ardagh’s U.S. communities. Ardagh Group is the newest PLTW Transformative Partner.

Learn more about PLTW Transformative Partners NI and Ardagh Group

Over 60 in-person and virtual sessions happened concurrently at PLTW Summit 2022! Let’s hear what the participants had to say (select on the image to redirect to the #PTLWsummit feed).

Getting Hands-on at the PLTW Exploratorium: Day 1 of the PLTW Exploratorium proved to be a space full of connection and learning. Over 1,000 of our guests met PLTW classroom partners like VEX, Autodesk, pi-top, and many more who provided our educators with a hands-on classroom experience by showcasing equipment and software that are integral in our approach to learning.

We were also thrilled to host Dr. Kathryn Kennedy, founder and executive director of Wellness for Educators, in our PLTW Bookstore and Café who shared more about her book “The Mind-Body Connection for Educators” that focuses on a research-based, practical approach to supporting educators with trauma- and equity-informed somatic strategies for mental health and wellbeing.

What Happens at the Opening Celebration Stays at the Opening Celebration … Or Does it?

There was food, there was music, there were performers on stilts! What was your favorite part about the Opening Celebration? (select on the image to redirect to the #PTLWsummit feed).

Stay tuned for a recap of PLTW Summit 2022 Day 2!