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Fundraising Series: 5 Ways Corporate Partners Give

Fundraising Series: 5 Ways Corporate Partners Give

This PLTW Blog entry is an excerpt from the PLTW Fundraising Toolkit. You can download the full toolkit here.

Corporations give charitable gifts in a variety of ways. As you engage in the fundraising process, it is helpful to know the different ways in which corporate partners can help support your PLTW program.

1. Donating Supplies and/or New or Used Equipment

Local companies often give by donating used equipment and supplies and/or the products it makes or sells. If your program is in need of equipment and supplies, consider building a relationship with a corporate partner that gives in this way.

2. Sponsoring Events and Teams

Sponsoring events and teams is a great way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the local community. If the company has sponsored events or teams in the past, it may be interested in continuing that practice. Requesting sponsorships for a science fair, design challenge, STEM fair, or after-school robotics or programming team is a great way to engage local companies.

3. Supporting Employee-Matching Programs

Some businesses match donations made by their employees – sometimes doubling or even tripling the amount. It is worth finding out if the company you’re researching has a program like this and if it can support schools – or organizations that support your school, like a district’s education foundation. Employee-matching programs are exciting ways for companies to give back, while also boosting employee morale.

4. Awarding Grants

Some companies have corporate foundations or giving programs that may offer grant programs to nonprofits and schools. Perhaps they already support PLTW programs and have made investments through the PLTW School Grant Program.

5. Getting Employees Engaged in Volunteering

Increasingly, companies support employees who want to volunteer their time during the workday – especially if it aligns with the company’s work or industry. In addition, many companies are now looking for ways to use volunteering for team-building activities for employees. Engaging with employee volunteers can be a great way to build a long-term partnership with advocates of your PLTW programs. Volunteers may be useful in setting up, tearing down, or judging competitions and fairs; serving as volunteer mentors on a project students are working on in class; or acting as guest speakers in the classroom. Volunteer days help increase employee morale and retention, boost the company’s corporate social responsibility, and even – depending on the type of volunteer activities – help prepare the future workforce.