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5 Resources to Help You Identify Grant Opportunities

5 Resources to Help You Identify Grant Opportunities

This PLTW Blog entry is an excerpt from the PLTW Fundraising Toolkit. You can download the full toolkit here.

These online resources can help you and your colleagues research, identify, and secure public and private sources of funds to support your PLTW programs.

1. Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News Digest

Philanthropy News Digest publishes Requests for Proposals and notices of awards as a free service for grantmaking organizations and nonprofits.

2. Kids In Need Foundation

The Kids In Need Foundation’s mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed. The organization works toward its mission by providing school supplies to students in need. They have a number of programs to provide free school supplies to teachers in low-income schools, supplies to students in the wake of natural disasters, and funding for innovative classroom projects.

3. Foundation Directory Online

This is a searchable database that provides comprehensive and accurate information on U.S. grantmakers and their grants. To access the full suite of services provided by this database, you must pay a subscription service, but you can also use it for free at many libraries nationwide.


This is a paid subscription service that gives classroom grant seekers access to a database of grant opportunities. While it’s a paid subscription, they also guarantee success of $10,000 in grants. If this guarantee is not met, they provide a free subscription the following year.

5. The Chronicle of Philanthropy Grants Roundup

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is an independent news organization for people who work in the nonprofit and fundraising field. While their resources section is accessible for paid subscribers, the Grants Roundup section is a great tool for historical research of grants made to all types of organizations across the country.