Funding Resources to Start and Grow Your PLTW Programs

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About the PLTW Grant Program

We collaborate with leading organizations across the U.S. to create funding opportunities that support the work you’re doing each day to empower students to thrive. The PLTW Grant Program, made possible through generous philanthropic gifts from our partners, helps districts and schools across the country start new PLTW programs and expand their existing programs. 

How to Apply for PLTW Grants

The grant application is available through myPLTW, the single point of access to everything schools and districts need to implement, manage, and grow their PLTW programs, including grant services.  

To access and submit your application through myPLTW, please follow these steps:

1. Click Apply Now below. 
2. If you already have a myPLTW account, log in with your username and password.
2a. If you are a new user, select Create Account and follow the instructions. 
3. After logging in to myPLTW, click the Grants icon located on the homepage app menu to access the application.

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