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Top Five Reasons to Register for PLTW Summit 2022

Top Five Reasons to Register for PLTW Summit 2022

PLTW Summit is a celebration of transformative experiences! Educators across the country look forward to coming together, meeting new people, and accessing innovative teaching methods, best practices, and tools to continue to enhance the student experience.

This year’s event is being offered both in-person and virtually so that no matter where you are, you can take advantage of the high-quality workshop sessions, classroom vendor updates, and intentional networking opportunities.

We’re excited to connect and share ideas with you this October! To get us all in the spirit, check out the top five reasons you should register for PLTW Summit 2022 below, and keep an eye out on and social media for updates about workshop sessions, speakers, and more!

Relevant and Just-in-time Professional Development

You’ll spend at least 60 percent of your time at PLTW Summit 2022 in workshop session that dive into specific topics such as Connecting Students to Industry: Leveraging Career-Based Learning or broader topics like virtual learning best practices. There is something for everyone in the schedule of in-person and virtual content. In addition, all PLTW Summit guests get access to a digital library with all the audio recordings and PowerPoint presentations from the event in case you need a refresher or miss a workshop session. This repository allows you to access content online whenever and wherever it works best for you!

Network! Network! Network!

According to a 2017 LinkedIn study, 80 percent of professionals consider networking important to career success. We, at PLTW, believe the same! From the moment you connect with your cohort at your first PLTW Core Training experience to the constant touchpoints in myPLTW, we know how important it is to have access to thought partners, collaborators, and problem solvers. That is why we have dedicated time at PLTW Summit for you to connect with other attendees whether that be in program-specific sessions or regional meetups.

Discover More in the Exploratorium

Want to get your hands on the latest and greatest from PLTW classroom vendors and partners? Want to see what innovations and career connections await your students? In the PLTW Exploratorium, you can expect the unexpected, touch the newest tech, and immerse yourself in a world created just for PLTW educators. Keep an eye out for our next post in the PLTW Summit 2022 blog series for a deeper dive into this imaginative space!

Get Inspired

Whether it is hearing about the latest PLTW news -- like in the 2018-19 school year when we announced the Spanish versions for PLTW Launch and PLTW Gateway -- or getting in touch with yourself through mindfulness exercises, general sessions at PLTW Summit have always been a place where you can sit back, learn, reflect, and get inspired to continue your teaching journey. This year, we are going bigger than ever with a focus on celebrating YOU! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we are passionate about, supporting students, and you deserve all the recognition for that work. Keep an ear out on social media and on for the latest news on who our headliners are!

Reignite Your Fire

Students are at the center of everything we do. We celebrate their successes and their failures, we watch and wait for that spark of recognition, we take a step back and allow them to problem solve and collaborate within their peer groups. At PLTW, we give our students and alumni an opportunity to share their stories and to remind us why we get up in the morning on those days that we want to stay in bed. They inspire us to approach situations differently, to look through a different lens, and to motivate us to keep working toward a better future made possible by the students we support.

There are so many reasons to join us this October – what are you looking forward to?

Ready to get started? Register here!

Need an extra nudge? Checkout a list of our hot topics that we’re featuring at PLTW Summit 2022 and stay tuned for the full schedule!

  • Applying the PLTW Approach to Non-PLTW Classrooms
  • Best Practices with Electronic Portfolios
  • Building Industry and Community Partnerships
  • Collaboration Across Pathways
  • Equity of Access
  • How to Enhance Your PLTW Curriculum
  • How to Grow Your PLTW Programs
  • How to Sustain Your PLTW Programs
  • Implementing PLTW Outside of the School Day
  • Increasing Student Access
  • Integrating PLTW Launch through the School Day
  • Involving Parents and Families
  • Managing Labs and Projects
  • PLTW for English language learners
  • Creating College, University, Trade School, Apprenticeship, Internship, and Industry Connections
  • Promoting and Marketing Your PLTW Program
  • Recruiting and Onboarding Students with PLTW
  • Social, Emotional Learning
  • Student Learning Trends
  • Student Recognition
  • Teacher Personal Development
  • Tips/Tricks for Successful Implementation
  • Virtual Learning Best Practices


PLTW provides PreK-12 schools, teachers, and students with hands-on, interdisciplinary STEM-based curriculum that uniquely prepares students for life and their future careers. PLTW rejuvenates teachers, providing world-class experiences that keep them on the forefront of how to prepare students for the demands of tomorrow. PLTW:

  • Has provided professional development opportunities to more than 80,000 teachers giving them the support and resources needed to inspire students.
  • Offers best-in-class teacher training: PLTW Core Training with Master Teachers
  • Continuously updates teacher resources that are available on demand.
  • Facilitates teacher networking opportunities.
  • Develops curriculum by a team of writers, many of whom are former teachers.

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