On the Road with Vince

This week, PLTW Master Teachers and Lead Teachers for Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE) and PLTW Launch gathered in Indianapolis for course strategy meetings. Vince was honored to have the opportunity to speak with them on their first day.

“You’re making dreams come true, and I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with us,” Vince told them.

He stressed the importance of their work in contributing to PLTW’s continuously improved curriculum and rigorous professional development model. “How do we make this better for students? It’s something we’re always asking ourselves. With Launch and CSE, we’ve put the programs into a pilot format so that you can give us feedback. We value your thoughts,” he explained.

Vince also spoke about the deep respect he has for teachers, stemming from his experiences as a child and then his role as a teacher, principal, and administrator.

“We need more teachers like you,” he said. “Not only do we trust and expect that you’ll inspire generations of students, but that you’ll inspire other teachers to think differently about how they engage their students.”

Next week, Vince travels to Porterville, California, to deliver the graduation keynote to Harmony Magnet Academy, a PLTW Engineering school. Check the May 28 newsletter for details and photos from Vince’s commencement address. And as always, stay up-to-date on Vince’s travels and the latest STEM, education, and workforce development news by following Vince on Twitter at @vincebertram.