On the Road with Vince

This week, Vince is participating in two education-focused advisory board meetings in Indianapolis. The advisory boards are an integral part in helping to shape a strong path for students in K-12 and beyond, and the work is central to PLTW’s mission to prepare students for the global economy. Following his meetings in the state capital, Vince will prepare for next week’s travel to Iowa and California. Here is a summary of those upcoming events:

  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Wednesday 2/19: Vince will keynote the 40th Annual Career Guidance Conference held on the second day of National Engineers Week. In addition to hearing from Vince, 11th and 12th grade students can attend sessions, demonstrations, and one-on-one meetings with engineers to learn about careers in engineering.
  • Sacramento, California – Thursday 2/20 and Friday 2/21: Vince will keynote the annual PLTW California State Conference. One of the largest state conferences in the country, it gives attendees the chance to engage with Vince at the CEO’s reception and participate in NextEd’s Convergence breakfast and panel presentation, which are woven into the State Conference. Organizers are expecting over 500 attendees.

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