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Top Five Reasons to Register Now for PLTW

Top Five Reasons to Register Now for PLTW
You did the research. You explored your options. You know that PLTW is the right program for your students and community. Why wait to register for the 2015-16 school year? The time is right to start planning for your 2015-16 programs. Here are the top five reasons to register now for PLTW.
  • Plan for Success – PLTW directors of school engagement provide one-on-one guidance to schools new to the PLTW network and those looking to expand their PLTW programs. When you register early, you have early and frequent access to your state’s director of school engagement. These individuals work closely with you to solve challenges unique to your location so that your PLTW program matches the vision you have for your students.
  • Select Teachers Early – Identifying and training the right teachers is critical to a successful PLTW program implementation. PLTW teachers have a passion for empowering students to make connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they need to know for their lives and their careers. When you register early, you have time to evaluate and select teachers who are more likely to thrive in the role and share your vision for a flourishing PLTW program.
  • Build Support at Your School – When you register early, you have several months to promote the PLTW program and build excitement within the school community. The positive buzz generates interest and curiosity, leading to higher enrollment in the courses and a greater understanding of why PLTW is part of the school.
  • Connect With Your Community – Local business, industry, and community groups can plan ahead to support your PLTW program in a variety of ways. With more time to collaborate with these organizations, you may open new doors and opportunities for your students.
  • Add PLTW Launch TODAY! – When you sign up now for the PLTW middle school and high school programs, you capture valuable time to plan and promote before the 2015-16 school year. What if you do not want to wait? With PLTW Launch for elementary school students, there is no need to wait – you can register now and implement in the current school year, adding more modules over time to give more options to your students.
Time is on your side. Visit Register Now on to take advantage of the benefits that early registration offers.