PLTW Student Opportunities Roundup - Summer 2019

Learn about a few of the many exciting opportunities currently available to PLTW students: 

End-of-Course Assessment – Share Your Scores

What? The PLTW End-of-Course (EoC) Assessment offers PLTW high school students a way to prove their strengths and showcase their potential. Through PLTW’s many partnerships with colleges, universities, businesses, and industries, a student may be eligible for opportunities like scholarships, admissions preferences, internships, and more! PLTW does not share a student’s EoC Assessment information unless the student elects to share his or her scores through the My Assessments section of their myPLTW account. Score sharing allows PLTW partners the chance to proactively consider and recruit qualified candidates for opportunities like preferred admissions, college scholarships, dual credit, internships, career experiences, and more.

When? Students may elect to share their scores at any time during their high school tenure.

Where? Students can elect to share their EoC Assessment scores through the My Assessments section of their myPLTW account.

Who? Any PLTW high school student who has completed or will complete a PLTW EoC Assessment during their high school tenure and wishes to share those scores with PLTW partners, such as colleges, universities, businesses, and industries.

Questions? Students can visit the My Assessments section of their myPLTW account to learn more.


What? Envision offers summer programs focused on career exploration and project-based learning in a variety of subject areas, including engineering and technology, medicine, and STEM exploration. Programs are offered at universities across the country. PLTW students are eligible for discounts of $250 for overnight programs and $150 for day programs.

When? Students may apply now. Enrollment deadlines vary by program. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited.

Where? Apply online.

Who? Any PLTW student in grades 3-12 can apply.

Questions? Find more details here.

National Society of Black Engineers

What? The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) offers several scholarships, including a Spring Scholarships round.

When? Students may apply for Spring Scholarships by June 30, 2019.

Where? Apply online.

Who? Applicants must be members of NSBE. Find more information on membership here.

Questions? Find more details and the online application here.

Apprenticeship Finder

What? The U.S. Department of Labor offers a searchable database for individuals seeking opportunities to start their career and build their skill set through apprenticeship.

When? Anytime.

Where? Search online.

Who? Apprentice qualifications vary by position.

Questions? Visit the Apprenticeship Finder.

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