3 Reasons Why Corporate Partners Give

This PLTW Blog entry is an excerpt from the PLTW Fundraising Toolkit. You can download the full toolkit here.

Working with corporate partners presents many opportunities for collaboration, and an important first step in seeking out relationships with these businesses is beginning to understand why they give.

To provide an introduction, we have outlined three motivations for giving below:

1.) Supporting education helps create a brighter future for all.

Businesses may be interested in supporting your PLTW programs because their gift has the potential to create far-reaching, positive impacts across the community.

As a result of a partner’s gift, more students have the opportunity to develop in-demand, transportable skills. They are empowered to reach their potential; enabled to develop the skills they need to solve problems and work in teams; and prepared to engage in fulfilling work. Because these students are empowered to develop vital skills, they are well-prepared to become professionals who are adept problem solvers and innovators – perhaps even as team members at the partnering company itself! These benefits have positive implications for students and schools, employers, and the community as a whole.

2.) Working with the community is a great way to engage team members.

A corporate partner may want to support your PLTW programs because employee-matching and employee-volunteer programs are great ways for companies to engage their team members in activities that are fun, fulfilling, and impactful.

3.) Giving is a way to invest in the well-being of the community.

Charitable giving is an opportunity for the company to get involved in and improve the place where its employees and/or consumers live and work.

As you work to create partnerships with businesses, keep these points in mind and consider how you might help a partner meet its goals as it helps support yours. Remember that the best partnerships are those that are equally fulfilling – be sure to share what you bring to the table in the partnership.