Sharing Biomedical Science With Future Professionals

Erin Drennon is an RN, a PLTW Biomedical Science instructor at Hamilton Career Center in Seneca, South Carolina, a PLTW Principles of Biomedical Science Master Teacher, and a Training Coach for Core Training delivered online.

As part of the recruitment program for the Hamilton Career Center Biomedical program, along with a Career Day program at a local elementary school, PLTW Biomedical Innovation students share their love for the biomedical sciences with Northside Elementary students who dream of one day becoming healthcare professionals.

"This is always one of the elementary students’ favorite presentations,” says Assistant Principal Karon Nation. “They talk about it all year long."

Biomedical students create a presentation for the students, educating them on non-traditional biomedical professions. Then, they chose their favorite activity from their four years in the program and share it with the students. All hands are gloved and all students, age 4 and up, are encouraged to experience the world of biomedical science firsthand. Students shared several activities including how to dissect a heart, how smokers’ lungs compare to non-smokers’ lungs, how to read X-rays of broken bones, how to build the human anatomy on models, and how to micropipette.

It is amazing to watch how excited these high school students are to share their love of science with the little future healthcare professionals in our community. It makes a teacher proud to see how much they have learned and how passionate they are about this curriculum and these careers.

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