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Where Dreams Come True: PLTW Summit 2017

Where Dreams Come True: PLTW Summit 2017

Eryca Card is a 6th grade science teacher and PLTW K-8 coordinator in the Elkhorn Area School District in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

In October, the seeds of five dreams were planted: These were the dreams of my students.

We were selected to attend the PLTW Summit 2017, where students were asked to present and have a booth in the Engage Expo.

The whole experience was life-changing for each student, from the real-life application process, where we had 50 students apply for this honor, to the ride home where one of the students told me:

"PLTW really cares about having us reach our dreams. They do this by the support they give you as teachers, the way that they make us feel, and the way they encourage every student in the program. I wasn't sure what my future held, but now I am certain that I want to go into engineering. However, like Dr. Bertram told us, I am not going to limit myself to one type of engineering right now. The whole Summit, I really felt special, I felt cared about, and I know that they prepared you and the other teachers in Elkhorn to help me reach my dreams. I don't know how I can ever repay them, except to make them proud as a PLTW Alum someday."

This simple conversation at 11 p.m. on our way home was the best part of this entire trip for me as a teacher. It brought tears to my eyes and made me realize the impact that EVERY person in the PLTW organization has on our future.

I can honestly say that being a part of PLTW is the best thing that has happened in my teaching career. I have seen the lives of student after student changed by this program; it has solidified the reason why I followed my dream of becoming a teacher. PLTW has given EVERY student a foundation – not one only of content, but also of passion and professional skills to follow their dreams. 

Thanks, PLTW, for being the curriculum "Where Dreams Come True" for EVERY student, even those students who have never believed in themselves or have struggled in the traditional classroom. My students are very thankful that they got the opportunity to be a part of PLTW Summit 2017 in Orlando.

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