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The PLTW Experience, as Told by Students and Alumni

The PLTW Experience, as Told by Students and Alumni

This fall at PLTW Summit 2017, PLTW had the great honor of hosting and learning from several PLTW students and alumni who showcased their work, shared their PLTW experiences, and told their stories.

To hear from these students about the problem-solving breakthroughs they've made, challenges they've overcome, and life lessons they've learned, please check out the videos below:

Coulwood STEM Academy Students

Hear PLTW Gateway students from Coulwood share their professional aspirations, from architect to voiceover artist, and explain how STEM knowledge and skills are key to these careers.

Saratoga Springs High School Students

Find out how Saratoga Springs City School District students are shaping the past, present, and future of PLTW in the district.

Health and Science High School Students

Learn how ;this school is using a motion-capture system as part of its work to integrate its PLTW engineering and biomedical science pathways.

Gulliver Preparatory School Students

Watch students from Gulliver Preparatory School present on their winning PLTW Engineering Design Competition project and answer questions about their work from Blair Blackwell, manager of education and corporate programs at Chevron.

Timber Creek High School Students

Hear unique student stories about future career plans and how these plans were informed by the students' PLTW classroom experiences.

PLTW Alumni

Discover where these PLTW graduates get their career confidence.

Samantha Alaniz

Aaron Suarez

Keiana Cavé

Gabe Valdez