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Senior Leadership On the Road

Senior Leadership On the Road

PLTW’s Senior Leadership Team is frequently on the road to meet with PLTW schools, teachers and administrators, partners, and supporters. Traveling the country is a great way to connect with and learn from over 5,000 PLTW schools, and it is also beneficial in growing partnerships and networks that strengthen PLTW’s work.

This week, PLTW Senior Vice President and Chief Program Officer Dr. Anne Jones has been invited to attend the first-ever White House Maker Faire at the White House on Wednesday, June 18. The President is hosting Makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs of all ages who are inventing the future by using cutting-edge tools and techniques to bring their ideas to life. Dr. Jones will view the Makers’ exhibits, network with fellow attendees, and learn more about the Administration’s support of the Maker Movement.

The Maker Movement is comprised of a growing number of hobbyists, tinkerers, and professional entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to everyday problems and marketing products that produce value for their communities and society. Many PLTW students and teachers have embraced the Maker Movement both inside and outside of the classroom.

Learn more about the White House Maker Faire here.