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PLTW Summit 2022 Day-3 Ends with Celebrating Educators and 25…

PLTW Summit 2022 Day-3 Ends with Celebrating Educators and 25…

PLTW is celebrating 25 years of bringing real-world learning to PreK-12 classrooms.

What’s Happening in the PLTW Exploratorium?

Marlon Moore, Ph. D., joined us Sunday in the Bookstore + Café to talk about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and his book “Diversity Starts With You.”

Marlon is a nationally recognized DEI consultant and has trained thousands of business professionals on the principles of DEI throughout New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. He has authored several articles for Savoy and Kaleidoscope magazines and received recognition from Black Enterprise Magazine, National Diversity Council, Forbes magazine, and Fortune 100 magazine.

His book, “Diversity Starts with You,” presents thought-provoking questions and provides proven strategies of success for DEI. It is compiled with 15 years of experience giving readers a roadmap to become the change within their organization. Marlon creates a DEI Operating Plan with strategic objectives, initiatives, and core elements designed to recruit and retain diverse talent while bundling a sustainable approach to accountability and continuous improvement.

Marlon has worked with PLTW for several years as our diversity consultant. “Diversity Starts with You” is out now!

Celebrating 25 Years, Prize Winners, and Personal Stories

Dear World joined thousands of educators online and in-person to help them generate their personal brain tattoo. See how our guests reacted on Twitter with @PLTWorg and #PLTWsummit (click on the image to redirect to the #PTLWsummit feed).

PLTW Summit guests had the opportunity to earn prize entries by attending various activations on-site in Orlando. These prizes were given out at the PLTW Summit 2022 Closing General Session. Congratulations to the winners of prizes provided by our partners:

  • 3D Printer (Provided by 3PI Tech Solutions) - April C. Carpenter of Charlotte Mecklenburg
  • EDGE Integrated Electrophoresis System (Provided by Edvotek) - Ellen Andrews of St. Joseph High School
  • Go Direct Temperature Probe (Provided by Vernier) - Diana Less of Robert Morgan Ed. Center
  • ANATOMY IN CLAY Learning System, PLTW Instructor Kit (Provided by ANATOMY IN CLAY) - Michelle Lawrence of NKC
  • PLTW Custom micro:bit v1.5 Kit (Provided by Electronix Express) - Julie Wood of South High School
  • Meet VEX GO (Provided by VEX) - April Smith of Mount Dora Christian Academy
  • Advanced Coaxial Compound Microscope with 100x Objective (Provided by Ward's Science) - Stacy Nelson of CTE Academy
  • pi-top Kits (Provided by pi-top) - Jodie McInnes of Captain Middle School
  • VEX123 Kit (Provided by VEX) - Bill Van Loo of Pioneer High School

We also announced the winners of the two $25,000 in PLTW credits. Congratulations, Dana Serfass and Jesus Blouvan!

Thank you to everyone who was able to join in-person and virtually to make this a truly special event!