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PLTW Summit 2017: PLTW Partner Highlights

PLTW Summit 2017: PLTW Partner Highlights

PLTW is proud to partner with corporations, colleges and universities, philanthropic organizations, volunteers, and countless others who support our mission in a variety of ways. This fall at PLTW Summit 2017, several of our partners joined us to help celebrate PLTW student achievements, highlight PLTW stories of impact, and more.

Check out partner highlights from the event below:

PLTW Partners of the Year: Chevron and Lockheed Martin;

Find out how our Partners of the Year – Chevron and Lockheed Martin – are making a difference in their communities.

See students from Gulliver Preparatory School present on their winning PLTW Engineering Design Competition project and answer questions about their work from Blair Blackwell, manager of education and corporate programs at Chevron.

Hear Amy Gowder, vice president and general manager of training and logistics solutions at Lockheed Martin, delve into the powerful partnership between Lockheed Martin and PLTW, and discover how this collaboration is making an impact in the Orange County Public School District in Orlando.

PLTW’s Newest Transformative Partner: Toyota

Learn about the partnership between Toyota and PLTW, which is focused on workforce development and connecting students to advanced manufacturing and other high-demand, high-growth career opportunities.