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PLTW Students Find Solution to Watery Ketchup

PLTW Students Find Solution to Watery Ketchup

It all started with the phrase, “It really bugs me when…” That led two Liberty high school students to come up with a solution to a better ketchup cap.

Two Liberty North High School seniors said they are taking your condiments experience to a whole new level.

“We came together and talked about our ideas, which ones would work, which ones wouldn’t, which ones were completely ridiculous,” Jonathan Thompson, 18, said.

After much consideration for a [PLTW Engineering Design and Development] class assignment to come up with a problem — big or small –”anything that really bugged us,” says Tyler Richards — they decided on ketchup.

“When you turn it over and squeeze it, the water comes out and it’s really nasty,” Richards said.

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