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PLTW Students Earn Scholarships in HOSA Experience

PLTW Students Earn Scholarships in HOSA Experience

Brooke Stallman is a senior at Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale, Arizona. Brooke is a PLTW Biomedical Science student, as well as an instructor at her school’s tutoring center and vice president of her school’s HOSA (formerly known as Health Occupation Students of America) chapter.

In September, other students from Mountain Ridge High School’s HOSA chapter and I were invited to attend an event at the Phoenix Convention Center, which was hosted by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. The event, called NEXTPO, allowed students to explore a variety of careers in pathology by participating in labs and asking questions. Additionally, we had the opportunity to converse with different pathology professionals, gaining insight into their fields.

Before the conference, juniors and seniors could apply for one of two $1,500 scholarships geared towards those who wish to pursue a career in a lab science. Fellow HOSA member Taydem Stephens and I won the scholarships and were recognized at the NEXTPO event.

Receiving a STEM Scholarship has solidified my confidence in both myself and my knowledge. I have been dreaming of a career in medicine since elementary school and have taken a myriad of classes throughout high school that reflect that passion, each one giving me different skills to help me reach my goals. The chance to apply to the ASCP scholarship allowed me to look back and explore all the experiences and opportunities I have participated in during high school. I was able to use those experiences as a part of my application for the scholarship, discussing how certain events impacted my interests in a STEM-based career.

Recalling all of the amazing things I have been able to participate in was rewarding on its own and helped me realize that I want to be able to offer some of the experiences I've had to others in the future. Winning the scholarship brought everything full circle and fueled my excitement for my future in STEM.

Taydem, a junior, shared with me that receiving this scholarship has greatly impacted her as well, and she is very thankful for this opportunity. One of the ways it has impacted her is by inspiring her to continue to work hard towards her goals. It has also given her confidence in her work and her abilities to do great things now and in the future.

“As a student in high school wanting to go into the medical field, I am aware that college is going to be very expensive and this scholarship is a step towards my dreams becoming reality by giving me a financial boost,” Taydem said. “I initially did not believe I was capable of receiving this scholarship since I was going against seniors in the Biomedical Innovations class. I decided to apply despite the competition of the upperclassmen. After receiving this scholarship, I realized I am capable of achieving many things and I should not hold back in the face of strong competition.”

Receiving this STEM scholarship has affected us both and will make a big impact on our future!

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