PLTW Keeps Students in Stitches

Pete DuBois is a satellite teacher for Polaris Career Center teaching at North Olmsted High School in North Olmsted, Ohio.

I can't tell you enough about the excitement and subsequent learning that took place when my Medical Interventions students learned how to stitch wounds. We started with the stitching kit and your basic stitching techniques. Seeing how much they enjoyed this, I decided to follow this up with an enrichment opportunity.

The next day, I challenged them to practice their stitching on bananas. Poor bananas! But even though they had a "bunch" of injuries, we were able to get them all repaired.

Next, I challenged them to stitch up drumsticks. Some were a little "chicken" at first, but all of them ended up "eggcellent.”

My students wanted one more challenge, so I pulled out the last enrichment opportunity and gave them medical tubing to simulate an artery. No bleeding here, just saving the patient!

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