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PLTW Computer Science Students Solve Real Issues

PLTW Computer Science Students Solve Real Issues

Mr. Tepe is a business and computer science teacher at Parkview High School in Springfield, Missouri.

For this year's project of Creating an App For Someone, my class had the opportunity to have community members come into the classroom for a spirited interview session to find out the needs of their clients.  

We had app needs ranging from an accountant wanting an app for clients to send pictures of documents so he can prepare his taxes ahead of appointments, to the school store wanting a reservation app so students can prepay for snacks and simply pick them up during travel periods, to a chiropractor needing an app to help him go through different muscle groups while he is helping his patients.  

All of the students were thrilled with their clients and are coming up with some very creative apps that their clients will be very excited to see!  

This is what makes the PLTW curriculum stand out from the crowd. No other curriculum allows for projects to be this hands-on in nature. I find that the students are more engaged and get more out of the lesson when they have a real problem in front of them that they can fix instead of a few paragraphs of text about a person they don't know or doesn't even exist. Thank you, PLTW, for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful program!

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