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Our STEM Summer Camp

Our STEM Summer Camp

For eight years, Angela Anderson has been teaching PLTW Biomedical Science at Antelope High School near Sacramento, California. Angela teaches Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, Biomedical Innovation, and a Clinical Internship course. She is the AHS PLTW Department chair and a BI Master Teacher.

In June 2017, Antelope High School held its second-annual Titan Maker Day targeting elementary through middle school students. This day focuses on getting students interested in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. Students from the community came together to become inspired by STEM, to create, and to explore.

During the event, elementary students created their own robots out of household items. They also learned how to code and use computers while playing games and having fun.

“My favorite thing about this camp was that we learned how
to code battery packs and had lots of fun!”
– 5th grade Titan Maker Day participant

The middle school students in attendance rotated through computer science, engineering, and biomedical activities.

In the engineering activity, students learned about subtractive engineering and used a 3-D printer and laser cutter to create items of their choosing. They learned how to program the machines and use the equipment to create items they designed.

“The thing I liked best is that I got to say that I made something all myself;
it made me feel good.”
– 6th grade Titan Maker Day participant

In the biomedical science activity, students learned about bone fractures and medical interventions used to treat fractures. Students then got to put casts on each other.

“I loved it because we learned all about the bones and what they're called.”
– 8th grade Titan Maker Day participant

The students were so engaged, and it was exciting for parents and teachers to see students feeling empowered and confident because they got to build and create things on their own.

This camp gets students excited about learning and interested in STEM at a young age while opening their eyes to the endless possibilities!

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