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A Switch From Traditional Biology Energizes Classroom

A Switch From Traditional Biology Energizes Classroom

Jamison Holum teaches biology and PLTW at Hudson High School in Hudson, Wisconsin.

After years of teaching traditional biology, our high school was lucky to bring PLTW Biomedical Science to our students. The curriculum and its delivery are refreshing for both the students and instructors.

Taking students from traditional science class into a world where they are asked to collaborate and creatively think on a daily basis is not only energizing as an educator, but also strongly enforces the idea that in a fast-changing world, these skills will be essential for success.

The most surprising outcome of adding this curriculum to my classroom is observing students of all skill levels who are willing to put in the effort equally succeed. The picture above shows the culmination of groups of students becoming experts on one of the body systems. Once they learned about a system, they created a model to demonstrate its basic function along with what happens in cases where something in that system fails, and they also shared their learned understanding.

As a teacher, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to act as a guide and observe the point where students become successful by assisting each other in facilitating their own learning.

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