Student Profile Q&A: PLTW Alumna Jamie Gorson

PLTW: What is your experience with PLTW? How did your PLTW experience influence your path in CS?

Gorson: I took PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design and Principles of Engineering in high school. Principles of Engineering gave me a bit of exposure to CS and an opportunity to experience controlling a mechanical system with code.

PLTW: How did you first become interested in computer science?

Gorson: I was the technical director of the television station at my high school. When thinking about what I wanted to study in college, I knew I wanted to do something with technology. Since I also really liked math and physics, I decided to try computer engineering.

PLTW: What makes you passionate about CS?

Gorson: I love solving problems. In CS, there is never a correct answer but lots of different ways to get to a solution. It gives me the ability to be creative and test constantly.

PLTW: What is your area of focus in computer science?

Gorson: Recently, I have found a love for embedded systems. I am currently working on a project to make an autonomous player guitar ­– basically a machine that plays a guitar. I am in charge of all of the software systems required but also am working with the other members of the team to complete the project.

PLTW: In what sort of CS extracurricular activities or competitions have you participated? What were your takeaways from these experiences?

Gorson: I am a part of SLAC (Stay Late and Code), where we work on projects and do interview prep. I have also gone to a hackathon, where we worked on making an electronic cornhole. These have all given me great project experience, and the more time you spend just doing, the more comfortable you will be in the future.

PLTW: What are some of your career and/or academic goals and aspirations?

Gorson: I would like to be working in educational technologies, whether that is creating a software platform or a new device for the classroom. I am passionate about education and want to use technology to help bring our system to the next level.

PLTW: How are you celebrating Computer Science Education Week?

Gorson: Hopefully finishing all of my projects!