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Community Connections and Innovation in Action

Community Connections and Innovation in Action

Darren Nelson is principal at Mt. Spokane High School in Mead, Washington.

Community connections. Innovation in action.

These two phrases best capture the intent of a recent experience afforded to students in the PLTW Biomedical Innovation course at Mt. Spokane High School. Through an experience organized by teacher Raeleen Epperson, these fourth-year PLTW Biomedical Science students were provided an inside look at the inner workings of a new emergency room facility.

Located in north Spokane, the 17-room, free-standing, emergency-specific facility will soon serve residents. Mt. Spokane students were given a thorough tour that included everything from the engineering of the parking lot to the installation of each specific power outlet. Most importantly, students learned the intent/importance of each room from both a patient and medical practitioner perspective. As these students move into a project focused on creating their own emergency room, this opportunity was invaluable.

Mt. Spokane High School is thankful to have an innovative teacher, Raeleen Epperson, who is constantly looking for real-world, relevant experiences to accentuate an already rich curriculum. We are also thankful to our strong medical community for opening their world to our students.

What an experience!

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