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Bertram Speaks to California Superintendents

Bertram Speaks to California Superintendents

Vince gave remarks at the California City School Superintendents Conference in San Diego last week, where over 50 superintendents from all over the state gathered to join in the conversation on “21st Century Teaching and Learning.” He shared how urgent the work is to inspire students to pursue the skills needed in our increasingly global economy.

Dr. Deborah Blow, Superintendent of Orcutt Union School District, introduced Vince as one of the group – an educator.

“I really believe that as educators, we’re all in this together,” Vince said. “We share a common vision, and a common belief about the importance of what we do, and the significance of the work of teachers.”

Today, there are 5 million job vacancies, but 8 million people unemployed, while STEM jobs increase at double the rate of non-STEM jobs. However, there is not a shortage of human capital. It comes down to how we inspire people.

“We have a skills gap that is hurting our economy and creating a situation for our students,” he said. "To address the skills gap, we must work together. Project Lead The Way has great partners in California like Chevron, Autodesk, SunPower, and many others who are coming together and making investments in schools."

Vince explained that these partnerships are about creating a shared value. Rather than just writing a check, it's about understanding how to be strategic when making an investment to address the skills gap.

“We have to help [students] understand to continue to follow [their] dreams, but don’t do it by not spending time learning these essential skills,” he said.

Vince had the opportunity to sign copies of his New York Times bestseller, One Nation Under Taught: Solving America’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Crisis, for conference attendees.

After San Diego, Vince will travel to Ball State University in Indiana on May 2 to deliver the commencement address for the Teachers College Class of 2015.

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