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Bertram visits PLTW Teachers and Partners in Hawaii

Bertram visits PLTW Teachers and Partners in Hawaii

Through the air, across both land and sea, PLTW President and CEO Dr. Vince Bertram set out last week to visit with PLTW teachers, administrators, and partners in Hawaii. Landing in Honolulu, Vince had the honor of speaking to hundreds of students and their parents and mentors at the 2014 VEX Robotics International Summer Games on Saturday, July 12.  Friends of Robotics – Hawaii hosted the event.

“I commend the Friends of Robotics – Hawaii and Lenny [Klompus]’s leadership in advancing this important initiative for students in Hawaii,” Vince said of the competition. “PLTW appreciates the opportunity to work with such distinguished partners to build a talented STEM workforce and grow the local and state economy. Our ability to work together toward a shared vision for Hawaii is exciting.”

Following the visit to the VEX Robotics International Summer Games, Vince traveled to Aiea Elementary school to visit with teachers who were finishing their final day of PLTW Launch Core Training. On Monday, he greeted another group of elementary teachers, just beginning their Core Training experience. Hawaii’s ABC television station also attended the training, giving the rest of the island an inside look at what elementary school teachers are doing during their summer break. View the video here.

Outside of robotics and Core Training, Vince spent the trip meeting with numerous partners and supporters of PLTW and STEM education.

“I had great meetings with district officials and business and post-secondary leaders like Song Choi, assistant dean of the college of engineering at the University of Hawaii,” Vince said. “I was very impressed with everyone’s vision for STEM education and workforce development. We’re excited to be part of it and to partner with individuals from these organizations toward accomplishing a shared goal.” 

To follow Vince as he’s on the road, make sure to follow him on Twitter at @VinceBertram.