A Graduation Four Years in the Making

On June 12, 2014, nearly 300 students walked across the stage at El Segundo High School's graduation. It was like every year's graduation ceremony except for one thing: this was the first year the school would graduate students who had taken PLTW Engineering for a full four years. El Segundo started the PLTW Engineering Program in the fall of 2009. With support from Chevron, the school's program has thrived and now offers Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Engineering Design and Development. Teacher Steve Eno describes what PLTW's Engineering program has meant to El Segundo High.

"For the past four years, PLTW has given students the opportunity to learn about engineering in creative and engaging ways. The students who have completed the four-year program have become a family tied together by their passion for STEM. They have worked through many challenging projects together and have developed the teamwork skills necessary to be successful in anything they do. El Segundo is stronger as a whole school thanks to PLTW, because the engineering way of thinking has carried over into math, science, and English to help students make connections throughout their day. The students in the program have become great ambassadors for STEM and have helped create an amazing program for young engineers throughout the community." -Steve Eno, PLTW Engineering instructor