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2016 PLTW Launch Teacher of the Year Kelly Wheeler

2016 PLTW Launch Teacher of the Year Kelly Wheeler

Kelly Wheeler, PLTW Launch Master Teacher at The Santa Rosa Academy in Menifee, California, received the 2016 PLTW Launch Teacher of the Year award at PLTW Summit 2016.

Wheeler is known by her colleagues for her boundless energy, enduring patience, and willingness to try new things in the classroom. Whether leading a remarkable classroom experience or supporting fellow educators across her district, her enthusiasm is contagious.

“Kelly is happy,” says Laura Badillo, principal at The Santa Rosa Academy. “She is as excited as the kids are – it’s like she’s another kid in the room. She is innovative and always up for new ideas. They have waiting lists for Kelly’s classes. She is extraordinary.”

In addition, Wheeler served as a pilot teacher for PLTW Launch, and this school year, she earned PLTW California’s Launch Teacher of the Year honors. “Receiving this award has probably been, outside of marrying my husband and having my children, truly has been one of the happiest moments of my life,” Wheeler said. “It's very fulfilling. I'm humbled – deeply, deeply humbled – to be recognized for receiving this award. It's a moment that I'll cherish forever.”