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2014 PLTW Summit Flight Voucher Blog Contest Winner

Earlier this fall, PLTW held the PLTW Summit Flight Voucher Contest. Entrants were to submit a blog post responding to the questions “What does PLTW mean to you? Why are you excited to attend the PLTW Summit?”

PLTW Medical Interventions educator Jessica Tuberty of Big Sky High School in Missoula, Montana, is one of our winners! Congratulations, Jessica!

See her winning submission below:

I am in my first year teaching Medical Interventions, and as I venture forth in the curriculum, I see the value of collaborating with other educators about how they enhance and execute the course. As I reflect on my teaching, I have considered many ways to enhance and build on the curriculum. The conference offers the chance to bounce ideas off of others and see examples of new, innovative tools to make the classroom inquiry experience even deeper and more meaningful.

On one of my first labs, the students discuss how different concentrations absorb light differently. I explained that in labs, scientists generate standard curves using the data from spectrophotometers. One student asked if we could get one so that we could see it done. I replied that I did not know about for this year, but that I would look into it for next year.

This is just one example of ways that I am considering changing the curriculum up for next year.

Maybe other teachers are already doing it that way.

A conference among peers is a way to grow, learn, share, and stretch. In my mind, it is a showcase of educational ideas and innovation.

Since I am new to teaching, this is the perfect time for me to see new resources and collaborate with others to become better at what I do. It will also allow me to understand the philosophical underpinning and research behind the PLTW curriculum.