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Top 5 Reasons to Nominate a Teacher or Administrator for PLTW…

Top 5 Reasons to Nominate a Teacher or Administrator for PLTW…

Top 5 Reasons to Nominate a Teacher or Administrator for PLTW National Awards

Teachers and administrators across PLTW’s network of schools do amazing things every day to impact the lives of their students. Our National PLTW Teachers and PLTW Administrator of the Year awards honor those who have made significant impacts in their classrooms, schools, and communities. The nomination portal opens April 1. Why should you nominate yourself or a peer to win the coveted award? Keep scrolling to check out our top 5 reasons below!

Reason #1: Shine the Spotlight

By nominating yourself or someone else for these awards, you get the opportunity to shine the spotlight on accomplishments achieved by educators and highlight student experiences in your community. All too often, the amazing impact of educators isn’t shared or celebrated as widely as it should be. Take the opportunity to share the great things that are happening in your schools and recognize a wonderful educator.

Reason #2: Sharing Is Caring

All recognized award recipients get multiple chances to share their knowledge and best practices with fellow PLTW educators across the nation. If we select your nominee for one of these awards, they will not just be making a difference in their school community but in schools all over the U.S.

Reason #3: Represent the Student Experience

Not only will National PLTW Teacher and PLTW Administrator of the Year award winners share their expertise with other educators, but they will also have the chance to represent the student experience based on their students’ and schools’ outcomes. This will benefit students for years to come by increasing their understanding and engagement in STEM-based programs and expanding their opportunities for skill development.

Reason #4: Be A Leader

Nominees become part of a select group of outstanding and groundbreaking nationally recognized education professionals. This offers not just bragging rights, but the opportunity to showcase their commitment to education, transportable skills, and STEM-based learning.

Reason #5: Share Successes

By sharing your nominee’s PLTW story, you’ll make a difference in schools across the country by being a PLTW-recognized advocate. PLTW Team Members across the U.S. can share these success stories to help bring more schools into the PLTW network, as well as increasing visibility of PLTW programs with businesses, foundations, and other entities that may choose to support PLTW and its network of schools. This increased awareness helps connect students to industry professionals, so they can see a career path in action and envision themselves in different roles.

We'll select a 2022-23 National PLTW Teacher of the Year for each PLTW program. We'll consider nominations from any PLTW program for the 2022-23 Robert and Patricia Kern PLTW Teacher of the Year award, and any administrator nominations for the 2022-23 PLTW National PLTW Administrator of the Year award. All qualifying nominations will receive the 2022-23 Outstanding PLTW Teacher or Outstanding PLTW Administrator, as applicable.


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