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PLTW Helps Teachers to Connect with Business

Consistent, elevated teacher Core Training experience begins summer 2019

INDIANAPOLIS – For two decades, PLTW has provided a dynamic professional development experience that empowers teachers to lead the engaging PLTW experience for their students. Core Training – part of PLTW Professional Development – immerses teachers in a hands-on, collaborative learning environment that challenges them to look at their classrooms in a new way. Teachers take on the role of a student, engage in in-depth exploration of PLTW coursework, and gain invaluable experience to take back to their classrooms.

Part of taking on the role of the student and gaining invaluable experiences to take back to the classroom involves learning about career opportunities. As a result, PLTW is embedding business and industry experiences across all Core Trainings. Also new for summer 2019, training will take place at strategically selected Core Training hubs and Training Partners in key geographic centers that offer easy travel, convenient amenities, and an overall excellent experience. PLTW is focused on making the entire experience consistent and elevated across all locations – beyond the professional development content – across all Core Trainings.

Core Training hubs include cities across the nation such as Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Minneapolis, Orlando, Baltimore, Charlotte, Boston, Dallas, and PLTW’s home city of Indianapolis. Here is a snapshot of some of the highlights PLTW's Core Training hubs and Training Partners will offer teachers as they come together to engage in career learning:

  • In Los Angeles, teachers will train in the Da Vinci School’s state-of-the art facility that supports active learning, provides easy access to Los Angeles International Airport, and is moments away from some of our nation’s leading companies and PLTW partners, such as Chevron.
  • The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) is a long-time partner of PLTW in Milwaukee, where teachers have access to one of the nation’s leading engineering institutions in a convenient location.
  • Core Training in Missouri, hosted in partnership with Missouri University of Science & Technology, will take place at the Missouri Innovation Campus in Lee’s Summit. The Missouri Innovation Campus is located just outside Kansas City, which is home to industry partners such as Cerner, Commerce Bank, Burns and McDonnell, and Garmin.
  • Atlanta is a national travel hub and offers an exceptional professional environment for teachers in a fantastic central midtown location.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester has been a strong partner with PLTW since it’s founding in New York in 1997 – PLTW is proud to continue offering PLTW Core Training at this location.

PLTW is offering training options and flexibility with hundreds of training experiences throughout the U.S. at these Core Training hubs, as well as via Online Core Training and through its new Blended Core Training option that combines both the in-person and online training experiences. PLTW is also bringing training directly to districts at a time and place of their choosing through District Transformation Training, now available for PLTW Launch and PLTW Gateway programs.

Starting in June 2019, PLTW will offer standard pricing for all PLTW Core Training classes and, through its new PLTW Training Guarantee, protect the investment a district makes in training teachers.

For more information about PLTW Professional Development and to view the 2019 Core Training schedule, visit the PLTW Core Training webpage.