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PLTW Alumnus Spotlight: Grant Allbritten

PLTW Alumnus Spotlight: Grant Allbritten

PLTW Alumnus Spotlight: Grant Allbritten

For nearly 25 years, PLTW has offered transformative classroom and learning experiences for PreK-12 students. Now, many of those students are professionals in STEM fields. We recently reached out to several PLTW alumni to learn more about their educational and career journeys and find out what advice they have for current PLTW students. If you are a PLTW alumnus interested in sharing your story, we’d love to hear from you here.

Grant Allbritten lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and works as a resident physician in the University of Kentucky’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program. In high school, he completed Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, and Biomedical Innovation courses in the PLTW Biomedical Science pathway.

In what grades did you participate in PLTW? What were some of your most memorable experiences from PLTW?

I participated in PLTW Biomedical Science in grades 9-12. Some of my most memorable experiences were dissection labs to learn human anatomy, presentations on rare medical conditions, and class trips to local orthopedic anatomy labs.

What did your journey look like to get to where you are today?

I graduated from Warsaw Community High School in 2013 and then from Ohio Northern University in 2017. I graduated from Ohio Northern University with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with honors from the American College of Surgeons. Upon graduation, I was immediately accepted into the DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine at Lincoln Memorial University. I completed all course work and clinical rotations to graduate as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine on May 15, 2021. I then matched with the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program at the University of Kentucky to complete my training as a physician.

What is your current role? What are your responsibilities in this position?

I am currently a first-year resident physician at the University of Kentucky. My responsibilities include patient care within the scope of my clinical privileges commensurate with the level of training, attendance at clinical rounds and seminars, timely completion of medical records, and other responsibilities as assigned or required of all members of the medical staff.

What did you learn in PLTW that still helps you today?

Of all the experiences and learning opportunities through PLTW, the innovative approach to modern medicine is something I continue to carry with me while attending to patients in the hospital. PLTW helped me realize new viewpoints and ways to approach medicine, and I see the benefits to my patients each day. This approach is one that pushes me to be a better physician.

I owe PLTW so much. These classes and guidance by Mr. Terry Aukeman set the foundation for my career in medicine. I was able to build my pre-medicine studies, my medical school courses, clinical rotations, and now my residency thanks to the strong foundation from PLTW.

Do you have any advice for current PLTW students?

Ask questions and be bold with answers – it’s the best way to learn. Also, be sure to seek a mentor in the career field you wish to pursue. A mentor’s advice will be invaluable throughout your journey.