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PLTW program leaders in districts across the U.S. are leveraging best practices to deliver unmatched learning experiences to their students

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Build a Strong Foundation for Your PLTW Engineering Program

The strongest PLTW Engineering programs typically focus on key student-focused priorities.  

When implementing your PLTW Engineering program, it may be helpful to keep in mind that current successful programs tend to provide access to a variety of courses to students at all grade levels, ensuring every student gets to experience PLTW. In most strong PLTW Engineering programs, several teachers are trained and are actively engaged in the program and focused on student achievement. In addition, strong PLTW Engineering programs have enthusiastic champions among district and school leaders.  

Learning by Doing – and Doing Good for Others

Motivated by global water challenges, students used their knowledge and skills to provide solutions to communities around the world.

“Because of the success of the water filtration system, our students are engaged in many activities that address global challenges.”

Claude Charron, PLTW Engineering Teacher
Gulliver Preparatory School
Miami, Florida

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A Decade Into Her Career, Teacher Empowered to Be at Her Best

Learn how one veteran teacher’s experience helped her soar to new heights.

“I am now proud to say that after 10 years of teaching physics, I have volunteered to exclusively teach only PLTW courses at our high school. This year will be my best year ever because my students have PLTW!”

Amanda Henk, PLTW Engineering Teacher 
Huntley High School 
Huntley, Illinois

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Study: PLTW Linked to Increased Student Engagement, Enhanced College Preparation, and Higher Test Results

Independent research validates that PLTW’s success in empowering students to thrive.

“Findings show that PLTW students scored significantly higher on the state’s Grade 11 mathematics assessment, a higher percentage met the college-ready criterion, a higher percentage enrolled in Texas higher education institutions, and the non-college-bound PLTW students earned higher wages.”

JP Van Overschelde
Texas State University

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High School Provides PLTW Access to All Students and Sees Big Results

Learn how the Science Academy of South Texas took student learning to the next level by implementing PLTW and making it available to all high school students. 

“Making subjects relevant to students is very important, because if it’s relevant to your learning, you’re going to understand it and retain it. Do we see performance increase every year? Yes, we do. We see it in our Advanced Placement and End-of-Course exams, as well as the SAT, ACT, and other academic measures.”

Michael Aranda, Principal
The Science Academy of South Texas
Mercedes, Texas

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