NI and PLTW: Putting Industry Technology at Students’ Fingertips

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Bringing Hands-on Learning to More Classrooms

For more than a decade, NI has provided students in PLTW classrooms across the country with access to cutting-edge hardware and software that allows students to explore circuit design and creation. NI also contributed expertise in developing the Digital Electronics course of the PLTW Engineering program. In 2021, NI announced its commitment to expanding access to PLTW programs among underrepresented and underserved students in the Austin, Texas, area through a four-year grant program totaling $400,000. This investment will bring PLTW programs to up to 40 additional schools impacting thousands of PreK-12 students and teachers.

At NI, we are committed to providing technology, expertise and volunteerism to help Project Lead The Way give students, especially girls and students of color, hands-on STEM learning experiences with real-world science and engineering tools.