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Partnering with PLTW

Our partners play an integral role in carrying out our mission to empower students to thrive in an evolving world. Together, we create an ecosystem of support around students and teachers, engaging them in learning and equipping them with the tools, resources, and experiences that connect the classroom to the real world. 

Our partners directly support students and teachers in a number of ways. From funding PLTW schools and providing classroom equipment and supplies; to offering mentoring, internships, and career-related opportunities; or advocating for PLTW programs, our partners give more students access to PLTW programs and real-world learning experiences. 

Our partners contribute to the important work of helping develop the workforce of tomorrow, ensuring PLTW students have the problem-solving, critical- and creative-thinking, collaboration, and communication skills they need to thrive in an evolving world. 

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Meet Our Partners

PLTW partners are as diverse as the students and schools we serve. Our partners include colleges and universities, Fortune 500 corporations, local businesses, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals all across the country.  

Our Corporate and Foundation Partners 

Through the support of our corporate and foundation partners, we’re able to expand student access to PLTW programs and provide even more teachers with unmatched professional development experiences. In addition to funding PLTW programs, many of our corporate partners offer internship, mentorship, and other career opportunities to students to further enhance their overall PLTW experience. Our corporate partners also play a key role in validating the knowledge and skills in our curriculum, ensuring that PLTW programs are the standard in career learning.  

Among our corporate and foundation partners are five national partners that have made a significant commitment to further expand access to PLTW programs and provide transformative experiences for students and teachers. 

Our College and University Partners

Our network of more than 100 college and university partners actively engages with PLTW students and teachers through training, recruitment, and advocacy. Many of our college and university partners offer scholarships, preferential admission treatment, and college credit to PLTW students for successfully completing PLTW courses.