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High School Engineering Curriculum

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Students often enter the classroom expecting to find one “right” answer to the problems they face, but real-world problems rarely have a singular solution. To thrive in the future, your students need to approach hurdles with creativity and a collaborative mindset. Success requires the ability to apply learning across disciplines, iterate, adapt, and learn from failure.

Help your students begin building the foundations for success in high school with PLTW Engineering curriculum. Each course uses hands-on projects and activities to encourage students to adopt a problem-solving mindset, while engaging them in compelling, real-world challenges to help them become better collaborators and thinkers.

Along the way, PLTW Engineering students will explore a range of careers to prepare for the roles they want and the reality they will face in college and beyond.

Get inspired today. In this video you'll learn how PLTW Engineering alum, Albert Manero, PhD, co-founder of Limbitless Solutions, turned his passion for the engineering design process into a non-profit dedicated to providing prosthetic limbs for families at no cost.

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