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PLTW Launches New Algebra 1 Advantage Math Initiative

PLTW Launches New Algebra 1 Advantage Math Initiative

PLTW’s new supplemental algebra curriculum will equip teachers with the tools needed to engage middle and high school students more deeply in a core math area.


Indianapolis, IN – Project Lead The Way (PLTW) announced today a new offering to their STEM curriculum called the PLTW Algebra 1 Advantage.  PLTW is taking its inaugural step into the core education space with this new supplemental algebra curriculum where students are immersed in real-world challenges showcasing algebra’s practical applications.  

PLTW Algebra 1 Advantage is a crucial response to the challenges felt in today’s math education. Recognizing the widespread struggles faced by students in Algebra 1 across the U.S., this supplemental curriculum will equip teachers with the tools they need to engage students more deeply in math material, helping students bridge theory to reality. PLTW’s supplemental curriculum includes a problem-based, real-world approach — enhancing students' engagement and understanding while seamlessly aligning with Algebra 1 standards that can be integrated into existing lesson plans and materials. Examples in the curriculum include a “saving up” project, which guides students through practical scenarios involving car ownership and algebraic concepts. It begins with a hypothetical sixteenth birthday and the goal of purchasing a car. Students will calculate initial and monthly costs while creating linear equations to model total costs over time and explore job opportunities based on pay and working hours.  
"Success in algebra and the development of algebraic thinking is critical for a student’s overall academic success,” said Dr. David Dimmett, PLTW President and CEO. “When a student feels confident in math, we see a strong correlation between advanced high school math coursework and the pursuit of STEM fields. PLTW’s Algebra 1 Advantage program serves as a timely and vital solution to address one of the biggest challenges in math education.” 

The development of this supplemental curriculum addresses the pressing need to reverse the decline in math proficiency felt in schools across the country. Data from NAEP shows an eight-point decrease in average grade 8 algebra scores between 2019 and 2022. This data highlights a notable decline in student performance in this subject over the three-year period (2022 NAEP Mathematics Assessment).  

PLTW aims to strengthen STEM education and empower students to excel in algebra and beyond by bridging educational gaps and shaping a brighter future for math education. Its adaptability empowers teachers to select from a range of relevant projects and problems while promoting an environment of active participation and exploration that is meaningful to students. 

PLTW Algebra 1 Advantage will be available for the 2024-25 school year and is part of PLTW’s commitment to making every student in every grade across the U.S. STEM successful. 

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